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Book Review: Naked Origins, Hudson by Posy Roberts

From The Blurb:
Hudson Oliva didn't expect the world to end with the new millennium, but his life did change forever on that New Year's Eve. After his religious parents walk in on him with Zac in his bed, Hudson is sent to conversion therapy. The parents he returns home to after being cured aren’t the same people he’s known his entire life. They’re cold and withdrawn. 
In order to survive, Hudson becomes an expert at lying while working hard to be the perfect son, yet his parents remain emotionally distant. He’s sure the pray-away-the-gay camp broke something inside him along with tearing his family apart. When his parents discover Hudson has continued seeing Zac for years, they demand he go back to the camp. Hudson has no choice but to run. Somehow he has to find a safe place, but he has to get out of Florida first.

Karen's rating:

'Naked Origins, Hudson' is the back story for one of the main characters in Posy Roberts series 'Naked Organics' and because I like Posy Roberts and have been planning on reading this series when the opportunity arose to review 'Picked Fresh' which is the second book after this one, the next book being 'Farm Fresh' I decided it was time to attend this party.

Hudson's story is unfortunately one too often told. When his parents discover at the age of 14 that he's gay. He's sent away to camp to 'pray the gay away'. I'd like to think they at least did this out of love but...sorry, I can't and maybe, that's my personal issue but for me loving your children means accepting them for who they are and not trying to make them who you think they should be.

When his parents discover years later that the gay wasn't prayed away they're determined to send him back to camp until he's cured so the day after his 18th birthday Hudson leaves home determined to find his way in the world and find a place where he can belong and not have to hide who he is and this is the story of what happens on his journey to Kaleidoscope Gardens. The place that becomes his home rather than a stop along the way.

I enjoyed this little novella and was glad that because I came late to this party I got to read Hudson's story before diving into 'Farm Fresh'.

It definitely wasn't all rainbows and light and there were parts that made my heart ache because Hudson was forced to make decisions that no young person should ever have to face, but at the end of it. I was also glad to see that Hudson had found his way to a safe place and I'm now looking forward to seeing what's in store for him.

Admittedly this is not my favorite story by Posy Roberts that position belongs to her books 'Fall Into You' and 'Feathers From the Sky'. Hudson's story is still a nice introduction to the Naked Organics series, told without a lot of over the top drama and angst and is available courtesy of the author on her website as a freebie.,13688225

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