Wednesday, July 13, 2016

ARC Review: Wildflowers by Suki Fleet

Xavi doesn’t believe in love anymore. Love has never changed the outcome of anything. It has only hurt him.

Sam is sick, and he wants one last thing. He wants Xavi to be with him, to stay with him until the end. Xavi drops everything and promises Sam he will be there.

As they travel across the countryside in a stolen sea-green Cadillac, they search for something neither has the courage to admit he’s looking for. But as the days slip away, Xavi isn’t sure he can keep his promise; he isn’t sure about anything. He can’t help Sam do this. He can’t stand by and watch Sam suffer, can’t be content to let Sam give up.

Saving Sam becomes the only thing that makes any sense, the only thing Xavi wants. Loving Sam becomes the most important promise he will ever make. Now he just has to convince Sam that life—and love—are worth fighting for.

Jewel's rating:

I'm not entirely sure sure what I was expecting with this story. It's Suki Fleet, so I requested it, without much thought, because she is a master story teller and I always love where she takes me.

Wildflowers is a story about Xavi and Sam, finally finding their way back together after several years apart. Sam doesn't really talk. I'm not sure why, but he doesn't. And he's dying. He came to Xavi a few weeks ago wanting to travel a bit before the end. He wanted to be with Xavi when he died. But he didn't think that Xavi returned his feelings.

Xavi wasn't in the best of head-spaces when he knew Sam before. And maybe he isn't now, either, but a bit of a second chance with Sam might be what Xavi needs, too. So Xavi steels a great big green Cadillac and they take off for places unknown, searching for a field of wildflowers by the sea.

But when Sam takes a turn for the worse, Xavi breaks his 'no hospitals' promise. He can't let go. It takes that event for Xavi to admit to himself how he really feels.

Wildflowers, while not an entirely happy story, is hopeful. Sam is so young and has only ever wanted love. He never knew, before ending up in hospital, that Xavi really did return his feelings. Xavi was scared to admit how he felt.

Suki Fleet's story telling is top notch. Imagery that really takes you to the scene with the characters. Gorgeous. Poignant. Hopeful. There is a strong HFN, here. And to those that worry that the story ends in the death of Sam, worry not, the ending is happy.


ARC of Wildflowers was generously provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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