Monday, July 18, 2016

ARC Review: Not a Game by Cardeno C.

Not a Game (Friends, #1)
From the blurb:

An accidental meeting and a misunderstanding lead to a life-altering connection.

A new job, a new city, and hopefully a new life. When chubby gamer Oliver Barnaby receives a job offer from the best boutique game developer in the country, he leaves his family and his less than spectacular existence in Oklahoma without a second’s hesitation. Determined to change more than his career and his geography, Oliver implements a plan to finally land a boyfriend. Step one is improving his skills in the bedroom.

A life that looks perfect on paper, but feels empty in reality. Attractive, successful, charismatic Jaime Snow has a life other people envy. His already booming business is growing. He isn’t lacking in friends. And he has no trouble finding a date. But there’s an emptiness in Jaime’s heart and a hole in his life that only the right man can fill.

An accidental meeting, a misunderstanding, and falling in love. When Oliver and Jaime end up at the same bar at the same time, they each see something they want in the other. Going to bed together that first night is easy. Building the lifetime relationship they both desperately crave will require trust, time, and a little misunderstanding.

Heather's rating:

Cardeno C. gets cuteness RIGHT! And I'm along for the ride!!

Man, I adored this book. If you are in the mood for low angst, total fluff then you've come to the right place!

Cardeno C. and I have an interesting relationship. I'm a HUGE CC fan, but I've had VERY strong negative reactions and some VERY strong positive reactions to CC's books. This book was definitely in the postitive camp.

I've actually read a few books with similar set-ups before. Thinking that a guy that you met at a bar is the escort that you've hired, but really he is a random person who is interested in you... yup, been there, done that! However, I still love that premise! It just sets up the right amount of tension, and it usually leads to some fabulous sexy-times.

What I liked most about this book is that, for once, we get an MC who is plus-sized and another MC who is into it. I usually see M/M books with a "slim, lithe build" or muscles for days, but rarely do we get an overweight MC who is really and truly desired for their exact body type. I dug it, I dug it a LOT.

I also have a weakness for an inexperienced MC who gets schooled in the art of sex or gets to discover his/her hidden animal. What? I'm pervy like that! I adored Oliver's enthusiasm and his adorable dorkiness. He was so sensual and so present during sexy-times, and I loved how CC wrote him.

Sure, this book is a little unrealistic and sure, it's low-angst to the point of fantasy, but I still LOVED it for what it was! It was the perfect, hot pick-me-up read for when you need to escape into romance!

Keep going with your bad self, Cardeno C.! I'm loving it!

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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