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Blogtour: The Well Of Tears by R.G. Thomas

Please welcome R.G. Thomas and 

The Well Of Tears 

The Town Of Superstition: Book Two


Thaddeus Cane is on the journey of his life. Having just discovered he is the son of a wizard and witch, he sets off on a quest to find his mother, who was cursed when Thaddeus was just a baby. He is accompanied by his father, Nathan, his new love, Teofil Rhododendron, the garden gnome who lives next door, and Teofil's mother, brother, and sister. Though the world they travel through is familiar to him, they encounter a number of magical beings, some friendly and others quite deadly. When Nathan is gravely wounded, Thaddeus must choose between finding his mother and saving his father's life.

Getting Started…

I've been writing gay romance under the pen name Hank Edwards for about fifteen years now. As a writer, one of questions I'm continually asked is "Where do your ideas come from?"

I'm sure other writers (or any artist for that matter) have also heard this question.

Before I get to my latest release, The Well of Tears - The Town of Superstition: Book Two, I'd like to go back a little further in time.

I am part of a group of writers who call ourselves the Story Orgy. Our group was made up of Em Woods, Lee Brazil, Havan Fellows, Jade Baiser, and myself. We wrote 1,000 to 1,500 word posts (usually a chapter of an ongoing story) based on a writing prompt. Up until halfway through 2015 we posted these gay romance reads to our blogs every Monday morning. We had been doing this for several years, and I think by the time summer arrived last year we were all a bit burned out. That's a lot of writing to keep pumping out!

The best part about all of that writing was the number of books it helped us all to produce. I had been writing under my Hank Edwards pen name and just wrapped up a dark, suspenseful story, and decided it was time for a change. I'd had the idea for a Young Adult fantasy story for years, but just hadn't been able to get it started. Until I read this story prompt:

Just beyond the edge of the woods…

Everything clicked into place. I saw the house where Thaddeus and his father lived. I saw the tall wooden privacy fence that lined their yard. I saw the closely packed trees that formed a line at the edge of their property. And in those woods waited… What? Well, that was what I was interested in finding out.

And so The Midnight Gardener - The Town of Superstition: Book One was started on April 7, 2014. I wrote that story through the spring and into the summer, finishing it up on July 21, 2014. I was excited and had so enjoyed my time spent with Thaddeus and Teofil that I knew I needed to keep going right away. So on July 28, 2014, I posted the first chapter of the follow up story, The Well of Tears - The Town of Superstition: Book Two. The writing prompt once again seemed to pave the way for what this story needed.

He'd have to hitch a ride home.

The prompts all helped ideas burst into life inside my imagination. I saw the dark and twisted trees of the Lost Forest through which Thaddeus, Teofil, and the others make their way. I could feel the humidity of the forest, and the cold bite of the Wretched River as it flooded its banks and swept our brave heroes off their feet.

On November 17, 2014 I posted the final chapter of The Well of Tears. I had received some great feedback from the few readers who regularly read my blog, and I felt I had a good start to a YA series. Now that I had two books, I decided it was time to review, revise, and submit the first story, The Midnight Gardener, to see if there might be interest from Harmony Ink Press, one of the largest publishers of gay YA fiction. Harmony Ink Press accepted The Midnight Gardener, and after a short celebration, I reviewed, revised, and submitted The Well of Tears. This book was also accepted, and I realized I needed a different pen name, so I chose R. G. Thomas, and by this time I had started writing the third book, The Battle of Iron Gulch - The Town of Superstition: Book Three. This time, however, I was writing every day during lunch breaks at my day job and in the evenings and on weekends. Our Story Orgy group had all needed to take a break, and so the writing prompts, while still lingering in our private Facebook group, didn't seem to be as mandatory as before.

As I was writing the third book, I received cover art for The Midnight Gardener and it blew me away. Anna Sikorska was the artist and she really captured the magical tone of the book. A few months later, I was excited to find she had been assigned The Well of Tears, and immediately loved the cover of the second book. Fingers crossed she'll be available for book three later this year.

There are more stories to tell about Thaddeus and the mysterious town of Superstition where he and his father now live. For now, however, I thought it was interesting to see how the whole series started, with just these few simple words:

Just beyond the edge of the woods…

Feel free to take those two prompts and start something of your own. Maybe it's a story you've been meaning to write, or a drawing or painting or sculpture. Whatever the case, look for the creative prompts all around us every day and feed that creative fire.

And come join Thaddeus on his adventure of a lifetime as he and his "midnight gardener," Teofil the garden gnome, go in search of The Well of Tears.

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Meet the author:

R. G. Thomas has been reading books from an early age. As a young gay man, however, he found very few characters with whom he could truly identify. Now that he's an adult—or at least older than he used to be—he likes to write stories that revolve around gay characters. The Town of Superstition is his YA fantasy gay romance series that includes wizards, witches, and other magical creatures.

When he's not writing, R. G. loves to read, go to movies, watch some TV, and putter around in the small suburban patch of ground he calls a yard. He visits his mother once a week, not just for the free cookies, and enjoys spending time with close friends drinking wine and making up ridiculous things that sometimes show up in his books. Although he hates the process of travel, he does enjoy experiencing new places. His dream trip is to one day visit the country of Greece, and he is currently saving his nickels and dimes to make that a reality.

Twenty years ago he met a man who understood and encouraged his strange, creative mind, and who made him laugh more often and more freely than anyone else. Today they still laugh often as they live in a suburb just north of Detroit with their two cats who act as both muse and distraction to him while he writes.


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