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ARC Review: Fast Connection (Cyberlove #2) by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

Fast Connection (Cyberlove #2)
After a decade of serving in the Army, everyone still expects me to be Dominic 'Nicky' Costigan--the skirt-chasing player. They don't know I've been spending my days trying to figure out my post-military life. Including how to pick up guys.

When I meet Luke on a hookup app, he makes it clear it's for one-night only. That's fine with me, because I'm down to see what this silver fox can do. But after I arrive at his doorstep, it doesn't take long to realize we have serious chemistry, and we end up meeting again.

He's got more walls around his heart than a military base, but I think he's as addicted to me as I am to him. He can't resist me for long. I mean, who can? Except Luke's rules exist for a reason, and when I test his limits, things get complicated. Maybe too complicated.

Todd's rating:

Hell, yes! Erickson and Hassell are kicking ass and taking names in their new series of heroes finding, fighting for and claiming their happily ever afters.

This second book in this series is every bit as good as the first, with not a single niggle to report, which has me thrilled and looking forward to the series hopefully continuing for several more books.

At 27, Dominic has just finished 8 years in the Army and is floundering with what to do next with his life. In the meantime, he's living in his parents' basement and working the deli counter in the family business, alongside his verbally abusive father.

But after recently embracing his bisexual side, Dominic's one immediate goal is to get himself some online dick, compliments of Grindr. And, gay goddess willing, soon!

Enter Luke, a gruff 39 y.o., ex-military, divorced, father of two teenagers, who spends his weekends searching for the perfect piece of ass. But only to use, once, then quickly show to the door. No repeats. Ever.

Then Luke hooks up with Dominic and all of his rules begin flying out the window, one after the other, beginning with two peanut butter sandwiches.

These two were like a cuddly, energetic pup constantly leaping on an ornery older dog, with the older dog continually snapping at the pup, over and over, then the next thing you know, you look and they're snuggled up together, like two peas in a pod.

Except the 'snuggling' mostly consisted of Luke nailing Dominic to the mattress. And the wall. And the floor. Then Luke wasn't kicking Dominic out afterwards anymore.

The guys do get their HEA, but not until after multiple rounds of family drama, resulting in [spoiler removed] but the story felt real and all too believable, without being buried in angst.

Other than the smoking hot sexiness, my very favorite part of the story was the banter, both on Grindr and in person.

After redeeming himself for being a bit of a twat-waffle in book one, Dominic's humor had me laughing the entire time. He was the light to Luke's dark and it was perfection.

I also loved how both Garrett and Kai made several appearances in this second book. I adored them so hard in book one and was thrilled to see them again.

Anything else and I'm going to go all 'spoiler queen' on you guys, so I'll wrap it up by saying this book was a solid 5-star read for me and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid story with amazing characters and loads (pardon the pun) of heat.

** Note: This one 'could' be read as a standalone, but I will officially pronounce you as suffering from 'the cray-cray' (technical term, yes, I know) if you skip book 1, since both books are insanely good.

My ARC copy of the story was provided by the authors in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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