Friday, May 13, 2016

Book Review: Good Together by Valentina Heart

From The Blurb:

A legacy of bullying and insecurity has left its mark on Troy, affecting all his interactions in the present. Adam is an ex-hocky player turned tattoo artist who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. But no matter how hard he tried, time and again he sends the easily scared Troy running.
Though both are nearly convinced it could never work between them, they agree to give it one more try. But then bad luck and fate conspire to leave Adam floundering to reach Troy while Troy worries over losing touch with Adam.

Karen's rating:

Good Together for me was not just a story about finding the person you love but it was about the importance of words and how they can hurt or help a person to heal.

This is the story of Troy a man who was bullied throughout his childhood leaving him with the kind of scars that don’t show on the surface but have a very strong impact on his day to day life and it’s about Adam an ex-hockey player turned tattoo artist when injuries cut his professional hockey career short.  Adam knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to go after it. But getting Troy is going to take more determination than even Adam is use to and it’s also going to take a lot of patience and understanding and a little luck which he seems to be in short supply of when a series of unfortunate events appear to conspire against him.

What worked for me…
In concept I really liked this story 4 stars shouldn't have been a problem. I liked that it addressed a very relevant social issue but not in a preachy way. Bullying is real and long after the bully is gone what they’ve done remains and the reader gets to see this through Troy’s eyes.

I liked Adam and Troy together they were sweet and I loved the patience and persistence that they both needed at times to make their relationship happen.

I also appreciated that while we are told that Troy had less than stellar parents it didn’t feel like something that was given excessive focus especially since taking the severity of the bullying that Troy was subjected in conjunction to the prolonged period that it occurred over I had already assumed that Troy's parents were less than stellar.

What didn’t work…

In execution the story at times left me feeling like I was missing details and it felt like there were time jumps that left things feeling a little disjointed for me. I wanted to sink into the story and become involved in what was happening and just about the time that I was getting there things would shift and I felt like I was being jerked back from the people and events.

Regardless of what didn't work I found myself genuinely wanting to see Adam and Troy get their chance at being together. I was also interested in learning more about their friends,  Michael , Gabriel, Zach & Noah.

While this was only a 3 star read for me I found it easy to imagine that with a little more editing and fleshing out of the details this could have easily been 4 maybe even 5 stars so I'll definitely be keeping a watchful eye to see what this author has in store for us next.

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