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Blogtour: Druids Lodge by Kelly Clemmons

Please welcome Kelly Clemmons with 

Druids Lodge 

We'd like to thank My Fiction Nook for the promo of our book, Druids Lodge. We you say? Yes, there are two of us. We’re an American-British writing duo. Lorraine lives in England, and I, C.L., live amidst the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado. We met in a fan chat room and we both admitted to reading slash. Lorraine proposed we should try our hand at writing and we've been writing ever since. We meet almost daily on messenger and skype to write, plot, and share our lives.
I’ve always been inspired by classic literature. Lorraine prefers the more modern authors. Our stories tend to lean toward the paranormal. It gives us a bit of leeway in writing. We love fantasy, anything mystical or supernatural, horror. Lorraine’s one rule, our story must have a happy ending. Writing has been our therapy through all the ups and downs, and twists and turns that have been thrown at us.  
Druids Lodge is a tale about a werecat and his mate. Of course it’s not that simple, it never is. We chose Dartmoor with its air of mystery as our backdrop. Through the years, there have been reported sightings of a large black cat roaming the moors. Finn perhaps?


What lurks in Dartmoor?

After his father's death, Finn Darcy returns to his ancestral home to become chief of his werecat clan. The mysterious Druids Lodge lies nestled in the shadows of Dartmoor National Park, where the legendary Beast of Dartmoor, a large panther, roams the woods and moors.

Finn cannot take his place at the head of the clan before he claims his mate, Luke Devlin, the one he marked while still a child. Feeling he was deceived at the start of their relationship, Luke refuses to accept his fate. He bides his time, determined to escape when the opportunity presents itself before Finn’s jealous and possessive dual nature destroys everything they have left.

But then werecats and their mates start disappearing, and Finn is adamant his mate must be protected at all cost.
Events take a grim turn when Finn is abducted and forced to fight for his life. Luke must choose between his chance at freedom or saving Finn.


Finn pulled up in front of the lodge’s largest gray stone guesthouse, nestled among the trees, and turned off the engine. Luke fidgeted nervously as he tugged at his cuffs, dread painting his features.
“You’ll be all right.”
“Of course I will. I’m your mate. Claimed and tamed. What could possibly happen?” Luke reached for the door handle.
“Behave. The ushering in of a new alpha and his mate is a joyous occasion, a reason to celebrate.” Finn pointed at the guesthouse. “Those people in there are our friends. They know how long I’ve waited for you. If you walk in with that attitude and flinch every time I touch you, no one will believe we are partners.” To prove his point, he squeezed Luke’s shoulder.
“Get your hands off me.” Luke twisted away. “Don’t worry, Finn, by the end of the evening, even you will believe I care.” He forced a smile. “Let’s not keep our friends waiting.”
Finn preferred Luke’s anger to the petulance. He forced his worry down deep and mentally counted to ten. Although he didn’t share an intimate link with the clan members like he did Luke, a vibration of awareness resonated amongst them. The elders weren’t stupid. Both of them would be under scrutiny.
Finn stepped from the Jeep and shut the door; leaning against the cold metal, he closed his eyes. When he opened them, Luke stood next to him. “Come on, let’s get this farce over with.” He sighed. For years he’d dreamed of bringing Luke to the guesthouse, walking in hand in hand, and introducing Luke as his mate. How proud he’d be to show him off. And now he wanted the whole sorry mess over and done with. A slight breeze ruffled his hair and fanned the flames of the strategically placed torches that lit their way as they walked up the path.
Luke lengthened his stride to catch up, and once he did, he slipped his hand in Finn’s. Blissful happiness masked Luke’s face, the perfect lie. Finn was sorely tempted to shake him off before he noticed the fine tremors and the unusually tight grip.
Finn bent his head as the door opened. A welcoming golden light bathed the happy couple. “I’ve waited so long for this moment, Luke.” He caressed the pale face, then kissed him lightly on the lips.
Before Luke could react, Nate Smith motioned them inside. “Finn, Luke, we’re so glad you’re here.” The doctor studied the pair. “Henry would have loved to be part of this joyous occasion. He was so proud of you, loved you both. Wherever he is, he’s smiling tonight.”
“Yes, it was my father’s greatest wish to see the two of us together.” Finn gave a sad smile at the bittersweet reminder. He slipped his arm around Luke’s waist and drew him closer.
“Finn,” Phil called as he approached them. He pulled Finn into a warm embrace. “Congratulations, my boy.” Phil beamed. He released Finn, then hugged Luke. “Welcome to the clan.” Phil stepped back. “Attention, everyone, our guests of honor have arrived.” A thunderous round of applause greeted them.
Phil held his hand out to quiet the crowd. “Let’s all take a moment of silence to honor our dear friend and late alpha. Happy hunting, Henry.”
Choked by emotion, Finn spied Luke wipe at his eyes through his own tear-filled vision.
“And now will you all join me as we welcome our new alpha.” Phil tugged Finn to his side.
“Finn, Finn, Finn!” the weres chanted, their eyes flashing in a show of support and approval.
Finn accepted congratulations, condolences, compliments, and good-natured teasing from friends and visiting clans. Luke smiled graciously but, for the most part, remained silent unless addressed directly.
Luke tensed when a tall blond extended his hand, first to Finn, and then to Luke. “I’m Eric, son of Helgar.” Eric eyed Luke but directed his words to Finn. “Congratulations.” Eric bowed his head. “I offer my allegiance to my alpha. I recently moved to Dartmoor after hearing my father speak of Henry and Druids Lodge for many years. I’m sorry for your loss. I look forward to getting to know you and your mate.”
Finn nodded in acceptance. “I’m sure you do.” The cat bristled and hissed. He held Eric's blue-eyed gaze, a subtle warning to back off.
With the greetings and introductions completed, Finn headed outside. He found the enclosed space a little claustrophobic. A huge bonfire burned brightly, and a few feet away, a wild boar slowly roasted over a fire pit. The tantalizing scent made Finn’s mouth water and reminded him he was hungry.
From a table laden with food, he picked up floured baps and split them with a sharp knife, then added a spoonful of applesauce. He crossed to the spit, then cut off a couple of thick slices to fill the buns. He turned to find Luke near the fence, Eric’s hand on his shoulder as the two appeared deep in conversation. Finn didn’t need the cat’s snarl of rage to goad him into action.
He strode across the lawn to join them. “So nice of you to keep Luke company, Eric.”
“I was getting us something to drink.” Luke avoided eye contact as he moved closer to Finn, a glass in both hands. In an awkward exchange, he passed Finn his whiskey and took his bap.
Luke took a bite. “Whoa, this is good.” Finn smiled indulgently. “Oh God don’t tell me this was somebody’s hunt,” Luke mumbled around his food.
“Caught in our honor. You can’t beat wild boar and applesauce. There’s crackling if you want some.” He leaned in on the pretext of kissing Luke. “Are you all right?” he asked quietly.
Luke glanced around. “It’s a wonderful party. I’d love some crackling, honey.” Luke winked.
“As you wish.”
Finn playfully slapped Luke’s ass as he left to do as Luke requested, a smile on his face. Honey indeed! He selected a couple of crispy pieces, then became sidetracked by the array of sweets and in particular a rich chocolate mousse cake. He carefully cut a huge wedge and picked up a couple forks. They could share. When he turned, Eric, the fucking Viking, was all over Luke like a rash. Finn saw red, and the cat was all for eviscerating him on the spot.
“Hello again,” Finn addressed Eric as he handed the plate to Luke. “Would you keep an eye on our supper, please? Eric and I need to have a chat.”
Luke interjected himself between the two. “No need, Finn. Eric was just saying good-bye.”
“Good-bye, Eric.” Finn let a little more of the cat forward. He knew full well his eyes changed and his teeth elongated.
“Put those things away.” Luke pointed at Finn’s teeth as Eric walked off. “You were worried about me? Look at you acting like some alley cat.” Luke plunged his fork into the chocolate cake. “Open wide, honey, we have an audience.”

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About the authors:

Kelly Clemmons is the pen name of Lorraine Kelly and C.L. Clemmons. They met in an online fan chatroom and discovered a mutual love for all things books. Their friendship blossomed and they started writing together in 2007 for their own enjoyment. Thanks to Messenger and Skype, they were able to conspire almost daily. The seven-hour time difference led to many late-night and predawn writing sessions. Lorraine suggested it was time to take things further in 2013, and their first book was published in 2014. Writing has been their therapy through the ups and downs life has thrown at them. Their stories reflect very human struggles with the promise of better days ahead.

Lorraine was born and raised in Wiltshire, England surround by beautiful countryside and ancient history. She has a love of books and reads anything from witches and warlocks to shapeshifters, spy novels, and romance. Her only criteria when choosing a book is there must be a satisfactory ending, and she has been known to read the last few pages to make sure. Apart from reading and writing, Lorraine enjoys photography, TV, and exploring her native country.

C.L. was born and raised in a small town in Colorado. After high school she joined the Army. Her travels took her across the US and Europe. She witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall. C.L. moved back to her hometown after the death of her husband. She lives in a small historic downtown apartment overlooking the city library with her cat, Ghost.


Promotional post. Materials provided by the authors.

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