Saturday, May 28, 2016

ARC Review: WANT by Kade Boehme

D is over the games.

Dante "D" Vargas is home in Miami, to stay. He has a job he likes as the new head of bonds and bounty for Mack's Security and after six years of making a mess with Trevor Mackentire, he's ready—he thinks they're both ready—for them to stop playing around and figure out if what they have is real. But Trevor is his boss's son and his best friend's younger brother so it's not as easy as taking what he wants.

Especially when he also has to convince Trevor he's over being afraid of his feelings and not everything is what it seems.

Trevor wants the D(ante).

Finally healthy and whole again after the effects of a major car accident, Trevor's tired of being treated like a child by everyone he loves. He's been handling his own for a long time. But he's lonely. Trevor knows he shouldn't keep setting himself up to be hurt by D's hot-and-cold routine, but he's care for the man for what feels like forever, and lusted for him even longer.

Yeah, they set each other on fire, but old fears, old wounds, and being stuck in a game of push and pull makes it feel impossible to get it together. Maybe they should just leave well enough alone.

It'd be easier if every meeting, every taste didn't leave them wanting more.

Todd's rating:

If you're looking for a sexy, dirty read, with a decent number of feels, then Kade's latest novella, "WANT," might just be right up your alley, as it was mine.

At 25, Trevor may be tall and built like a brick shithouse, but he's still the baby of the family, which his brother and father don't ever let him forget. Plus, he never wanted to join the military and their family security business, so he's seen as a bit of a disappointment and not taken seriously.

But Dante, aka "D," Trevor's big brother's best friend, has always taken Trevor seriously. And at 32, he's finally sick of wasting the last decade not truly having what he wants. Needs. Which is Trevor.

As the story begins, D has just moved back to Miami, after a year-long body guarding assignment in Boston, and is dead set on finally telling Trevor that he wants them to be an "us," consequences be damned.

Most of the drama in the story surrounds several facts to which Trevor is not privy, so there's some running away, hiding and unintended hurt feelings -- until he's brought up to speed.

Then once Trevor and D are on the same page, the story proceeds fairly smoothly, even including a nice epilogue, which cements a solid HEA for the guys.

Both Trevor and D are pretty stoic, but extremely likeable MC's and I do feel their on-page connection and their chemistry is blazingly off the charts. And these 2 leave no surface 'unconsummated,' whew.

One of the hottest aspects of the story for me is when Trevor wrenches control from D and has his wicked way with the man, whether he likes it or not. But he loves it. Loves. It. ;- )

I could use a few more pages of details surrounding Trevor's life-threatening crash and subsequent recovery. Plus, specifics on brother Evan's injury in Afghanistan are pretty light, too, but not annoyingly so.

This one has the right amount of angst, nothing going too off the charts, so it pushes a lot of my sexy read buttons and comes in at around 4 steamy stars.

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