Tuesday, May 10, 2016

ARC Review: Te Quiero (Falling for You, #1) by Suki Fleet

When Ally discovers dozens of naked photos of him have been posted online, he's devastated and tries to contain the situation, hoping it doesn't get worse. Only problem is his laptop has died, and Levi Francis—the guy Ally knows doesn’t like him—sees Ally acting suspiciously on the computers in the University's Physics lab. Ally's day can't get much worse.

But after Levi accidentally drops a love letter written in Spanish, Ally returns it and finds his assumptions about Levi are turned upside down. Betrayed and hurt by his ex, Ally knows it’s the worst possible time to start trusting someone but there’s something about shy, glittery Levi that gets under his skin.

Jewel's rating:

What a gorgeous, gorgeous story! Full of hope, on the heals of betrayal. Te Quiero just made my heart sing.

Ally (Alejandro) is used to being seen as different. He was born and spent some of his youth in Buenos Aires before his family moved to England. Since then, he's spent his life being the outsider. He's at uni now, and reeling from a betrayal by his ex-boyfriend, Rob. A chance encounter with Levi, in the physics lab, leaves him feeling uncertain. And when Ally sees that Levi dropped a letter - a love letter - written in Spanish, it gives Ally hope, and an excuse to seek Levi out.

Levi is so shy and awkward around Ally, whom he secretly loves. When he saw Ally in the lab, Levi froze, not knowing what to do. But when Ally went out of his way to bring that letter back and invite Levi to visit him at work when he gets his break, Levi accepts.

And they are gorgeous! Though this story is short and our boys only spend a couple days together, their connection is palpable. The time they spend getting to know one another, and talking, is sweet and hot and I loved every moment.

Suki Fleet's writing is such beautiful prose. I devoured this story in a single sitting and the only thing I hated was coming to the end.

ARC of Te Quiero was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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