Friday, May 6, 2016

ARC Review: Reaping Fate (Reaping Havoc # 2) by A.J. Rose

For Nate Koehn, the worst part of being a reaper is maintaining his compassion without becoming too involved with the souls in his charge. He’s always been sensitive to others’ hurts, and there is no hurt bigger than death, with which he’s already intimately familiar. The learning curve is steep, but the perks of the job—spending the next 300 years with the love of his life, his husband Mitch Seeker—are unmistakable. For Nate, death is a lifelong commitment.

Then Mitch is assigned to reap a serial killer’s victim.

Mitch and Nate are willing to go to just about any lengths to bring the killer to justice, but Divinity has a plan for everyone, and the reapers are at risk of being terminated themselves if they meddle too much. Mitch knows better than to tempt fate, but Nate isn’t wired to sit idly by while innocent people lose their lives to a vicious killer.

Nate sets out to balance the scales of justice for the souls in their charge, but what happens when he becomes the killer’s bug in the web? Can he stop a killer without exercising his own free will or putting those he loves in the crosshairs? Only Death knows, and he’s not talking.

Warning: Contains graphic descriptions of violence, which may be too intense for some readers. Reader discretion advised.

Jewel's rating:

Reaping Fate is the follow up to Reaping Havoc. Like the first book, this one doesn't quite take itself seriously. It was a fun read and I really enjoyed visiting with Nate and Mitch again.

With Nate having been brought into the Reaper fold a year ago, both he and Mitch cover the reaps for the Caperville, CO area. But after Mitch gets a reap for a murder victim, Nate has trouble letting it go, because he really has a need for justice. But they have to be careful, because too much meddling could get their contracts revoked, which would have some very bad consequences for them both. And maybe others, as well.

We also get introduced to the 'interim area reaper', Sebastian, and his human husband, Richard. Sebastian was a lot of fun. At first I thought he was obnoxious, but he kind of grew on me. He covered the Caperville area while Mitch and Nate were both on hiatus. Sebastian has been a reaper for over 200 years, so he's seen and experienced quite a lot -- including what happens when you meddle too much in things you shouldn't. He tried to keep our boys out of trouble, but really, there's only so much one reaper can do. No one ever really learns from the examples of others (not really).

What I liked about this story was that it was fairly light. Yeah, there is some violence and a serial killer running loose, but it isn't really a dark story. At all. It's not angsty, either. The meat, as it were, is trying to figure out just how our guys are going to get themselves out of the mess they have, not only found themselves in, but dove into head first! The journey was imaginative and wholly entertaining.

Like Reaping Havoc, I do wish there had been more steam, but what there was was very well done, but not terribly explicit. None the less, Mitch and Nate have awesome chemistry and I would love to keep reading about their reaping adventures.

Reap on, boys!

ARC of Reaping Fate was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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