Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book Review: The Spencer Cohen Series (Book 3) by N.R. Walker

Learning to be in a committed relationship has been easy for Spencer. In fact, too easy. Andrew has fit into his life seamlessly. Spencer’s let go of his insecurities and hang-ups, and he and Andrew are enjoying where things are headed.

For the first time in years, Spencer’s life is unbelievably perfect. Andrew overthinks everything. So when Spencer gets a phone call from Australia, he’s certain Spencer will push him away.

But instead of driving them apart, maybe it will solidify what they already have. Maybe Spencer will depend on Andrew more than ever. Maybe the Spencer Cohen story will come full circle, and maybe, just maybe, Spencer will have the happily ever after he never thought possible.

Dani's rating:

I have really enjoyed this series. Spencer is such a lovable MC, and Andrew is his rock.

In this third book especially, Spencer has to lean on Andrew time and time again. Spencer and Andrew tell themselves they need to take things slowly; they don’t want to push the relationship. But they are so good together, it’s impossible to stop the tide.

When Spencer is rushed to the hospital, Andrew never leaves his side. Andrew will follow Spencer anywhere, including Australia.

Spencer loves Andrew, but he’s scared to say the words. It takes a tragedy to make Spencer realize that life is precious and that you need to embrace love, not push it away.

Sadly, this book is less sexy than book 2. Most of the sex is off page or fade to black. The focus is on the emotional connection the men share.

One complaint I have is that nothing about the setting felt like L.A. I snorted when Spencer and Andrew hang out with Andrew’s artsy friends, and everyone is all friendly and welcoming. Where was the name dropping, the one-upping? I lived in L.A. for years, and the cultural sense of the place was definitely missing.

Likewise, when Spencer and Andrew visit Sydney, nothing about the setting said Sydney. Everyone speaks the same as they do in the States. I wanted more Aussie, damn it.

There was something about this book that irked me. Maybe it’s because everyone is just so nice and perfect? It read a little Mayberry to me (but you all know I’m a snarky bitch, so take that with a grain of salt).

What made this book for me was the epilogue, which had all the FEELS and catapulted this story into 4 star territory. I read it three times. Pure sweetness!

(We saw more of Yanni in this book, and I was thrilled that he found an awesome guy who treats him right. Even though we see Yanni’s HEA, I would still read his story. )

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