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Book Review: His Fateful Heap of Days (More Heat Than the Sun #8), by John Wiltshire


Only a few months from his fiftieth year, Nikolas is feeling a distinct wobble in his formidable certainties. Aleksey Primakov appears to have become irrelevant. All he needs, therefore, is to be dragged into an adventure with Devon’s answer to the three musketeers. How many times can he tell Ben and his moronic friends that a mutilated body buried on Dartmoor has nothing to do with them? But not only does this desecration slowly become their business, it cuts to the heart of the life they have created together. It’s just as well, perhaps, that generals never do actually retire…

Jewel's rating:

After coming out of the previous book where my heart was stomped upon, thoroughly, I was so happy to find Ben and Nik back where they needed to be. Some of the dynamics have changed with how Ben and Nik interact with Tim and Squeezy, though, and that was certainly fresh. Ben's relationships with his friends are still strained from his foray into finding religion while Nik's relationship with them has improved.

Though Nik and Ben are solid, Nik has managed to find a couple insecurities regarding his age. He's not young anymore (though he's certainly not old, either) and he's realized that he needs to work harder to gain and maintain a certain level of fitness and even then, he's not going to ever be at his peak again. He's pushing 50 and he's realized that his youth is gone and he fears that Ben will go with it.

Ben finds himself a touch troubled by Nik spending so much time with Squeezy, working out. He knows that Nik wouldn't cheat on him, but Nik isn't telling him something, and he is flummoxed as to what it might be. And Nik won't tell him that he is just feeling his age.

And let me tell you, once Ben finds out what Nik's problem is, he takes full advantage, poking at that bear just to illustrate the ridiculousness of it. That was fucking funny.

His Fateful heap of Days is really about family in so many ways. Ben and Nik are the most unlikely parents, and they not only have Molly, but they also consider Em and Miles their children. But Ben has yet to actually bond with Molly, unlike Nik. It takes Ben the whole book to finally figure out being a father it's a whole lot more than biology and to figure out how to actually relate to Molly, but he does finally get there.

The overall storyline of this one was a touch too Dan Brown-esque for me, though. 15 years ago I would have loved it, but the me of today has trouble suspending my disbelief for some of the things that happened or how they got there. More so than Ben and Nik's usual storylines. But I read this series because I love Ben and Nik, and I wasn't disappointed at all.

A review copy of His Fateful Heap of Days was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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