Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Review: The Cattery by K.A. Merikan

Role-playing a cat for six months? You said you’re paying how much?

Goran’s mouth has no filter, and it’s losing him job after job. Desperate and a week away from being homeless, he finds an offer online that sounds too good to be true. Spending six months in a mansion by the beach in return for a hundred thousand dollars as long as he sticks to the house rules.

This might be the one job where his unruly mouth doesn’t get in the way. After all, saying the wrong thing is impossible… when you’re role-playing a cat.

Meeting all the other guys at the cattery seems to be the icing on the cake, but the inconvenient truth he dishes out turns out to be too much. Goran makes everyone his enemy, but worst of all, Ollie, the prettiest cat of the bunch, the one who’s been in the cattery the longest, and the one who makes Goran’s heart skip a beat.

Ollie’s big blue eyes hold secrets Goran is intent on cracking, but to do so, he will need to learn to bite his tongue and listen. Too bad the pretty blond ice prince is set on getting Goran kicked out of the cattery for good.

Themes: debt, enemies to lovers, cat-play, Miami, immigrant, billionaire, love triangle, social anxiety, rent boy, backstabbing

Genre: M/M contemporary romance, sugar kink

Dani's rating:

Wild kitty sex orgies are all kinds of hot. Who knew?

It ALL goes down at the cattery. Think Playboy Mansion but with cats, or rather beautiful boys pretending to be cats.

And forget the nasty, creepy Hugh Hefner.

Luis may be slightly eccentric, but he's handsome, wealthy, and more than a little into pet play. He's awkward with people, so he keeps cats instead. His cattery is luxurious and entertaining: pretty kitty paradise.

All the kitties' needs are take care of. They romp and sun all day, and fuck like, well, cats, at night ... day, too, if that's what Luis wants.

Ollie (real name: Oliver) has been perfectly happy at the cattery for two years. He fancies himself in love with Luis, and the cattery makes him feel safe. That's why he resents the brooding interloper with the sexy accent who joins the fray.

Ollie wants Luis for himself, and he already has to share with Clove (who's more serious and intense than he lets on), Bounce (just a big puppy pretending to be a cat), and the bitchy, snarky, back-stabbing Cinnamon.

Goran (cat name: Smokey) just wants to earn his hundred grand and go home to Croatia. He fucked up his parents' business and needs to make things right. When he falls for Ollie, it's inconvenient. But Ollie is irresistible.

Ollie has been at the cattery for so long, it's all he knows. Even after he connects with Goran, he's scared to move on. Ollie's actions aren't always nice. He breaks Goran's trust more than once. Damn, but does Ollie know how to throw a man under the bus.

But Goran doesn't just take it. He doesn't play games and is honest to a fault (his mouth has gotten him in trouble more than once). So he pulls back and lets Ollie know exactly what he thinks of his treachery.

I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did. But, wow, this story is FUN and original and PERVY in all the right ways. It's also ROMANTIC. And deep. Seriously, there's way more to the cattery than meets the eye.

There are allegiances, petty rivalries, competition, and friendship. There's group sex and lazy blowjobs and a giant treehouse with fluffy toys. It's a fabulous, insular world with its own master and his pretties.

I would have thrown the biggest hissy fit had this book ended without an epilogue. Fortunately, K.A. Merikan provided, and I greedily lapped it up.

This one is DELICIOUS in every way. I'm looking forward to more KITTIES & KINK! Meow.

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