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ARC Review: Manties in a Twist by J.A. Rock

Manties in a Twist (The Subs Club, #3)
From the blurb:

Look, I’ll never stop missing Hal, but this Subs Club my friends started to review suck-ass doms isn’t gonna bring him back or give him justice. For me, it’s just another chance to hang out with my friends, even if they think I’m too dumb to understand the important work we’re supposedly doing.

But maybe I’m not as dumb as they think—at least I know when I’ve got a good thing going. Which is why I just moved in with my dom. Ryan’s awesome possum. He’s really short, never makes me feel stupid, and is up for anything. One word: costumes. Two more words: women’s underwear. We’re all about the lace, no leather.

Except when we do pony play. We first tried it as a joke, but turns out I’m ballin’ at it. Now PetPlayFest is coming up, and I wanna take down the Subs Club’s archrival, Cinnamon the ponygirl, in the horse show.

My friends think I’m spending too much time with Ryan and ignoring my obligations to the group. But since when is friendship an obligation? Ryan’s my first serious relationship, and I want to take it . . . seriously. At some point I need to think about my future, not my past.


Heather's rating:

I've been shouting it far and wide, but there is just no denying that I'm obsessed with the Sub's Club series. Obsessed.

The first two books in series, The Subs Club and Pain Slut, EASILY made my favorites of this year (and I have a suspicion that The Subs Club might make my top ten of 2016 list). I was soooo looking forward to Manties in a Twist, and though this was my least favorite book in this series, it was still a very good story.

My review is going to be a little negatives-focused, only because the majority of the story was so smoothly awesome that the negatives actually stick out a little more for me. I'll just say that Kamen is a funny, lovable guy and most readers will just fall head-over-heals for him. This book was light and easy, and less kinky than the others, which might appeal to readers who shy away from the more intense kink scenes. I really enjoyed Kamen in all his stages, from mimbo to a more serious guy in a relationship. Ryan was okay, even if I totally didn't get his character.

I think this book had a little bit of a strike against it from the start because I don't like stories with established couples. We get Ryan and Kamen's beginning in Pain Slut, but in this book they are already a couple living together. I like to see a couple meeting each other and getting the initial attraction thing going on, so I was bummed that all that initial stuff was skipped over.

I also think that this book was a little unfocused. I was REALLY excited about the manties aspect of the story, and I was also really excited about the pony play stuff, but I feel like neither kink was really well explored. The manties stuff was just getting going when the characters sort of moved on to other things, which I was upset about! MORE MANTIES! (<---- my new motto!). I think that this book was just a difference between expectations versus reality. I expected something to blow me away, and I got a fun, interesting story that wasn't quite what I had envisioned. This book still gets 4-stars from me because I loved the feeling of this story, and the writing style was so up my alley. Now I'm just hoping that 24/7 wows the pants off of me.

*Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*
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