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Simple Things by Kade Boehme

Simple Things
Carter Darling’s life has been a whirlwind since his mother was elected to senate when he was a teen. From private school to joining the military, he tried to make his own path while making as few ripples as possible. But an injury forced him to figure out new goals for his life. After his parents are involved a sex scandal, he decides to go back home to Tennessee to get some distance and out of the madness.

He didn’t figure on Jeremy Beck returning at the same time.

Jeremy’s finally past the rich boy angst that made for some dramatic teenage years, but he hasn’t earned back much respect from his parents playing in an indie band. Now, his band’s on hiatus and Jeremy’s looking for space from his unhealthy non-relationship with a band-mate so returning home to figure out his next step seemed like the way to go.

Their initial reunion is awkward, Carter still hurt by their last meeting and Jeremy trying to convince himself Carter’s still just his sister’s closeted little friend. But when they open up to one another again and decide a staycation fling will be a nice distraction, they may get more than they bargain for.

For two guys who’ve had so much drama in their lives, it’s surprising to find that sometimes love is found in the simple things, simple times. Who knew?
Todd's rating:

I really enjoyed Kade's latest 108 page novella about two old semi-friends on the cusp of some major changes in both of their young lives.

At 22, Carter spent some time in the military, before a knee injury sidelined him and he returned to go to school at NYU. Nearly his entire life has been controlled by his Senator mother and political father, always towing the party line and agreeing to not come out. Yet.

At 25, Jeremy is a tatted up musician, who's had problems with drugs and is involved with a band member. And the band member's girlfriend. Eek. He's tired of not being able to have what he wants, but even more tired of being constantly unhappy.

So as both men retreat to Jeremy's childhood home, Carter to escape a sex scandal of his parents' making and Jeremy to decide his future with the band (and his unavailable band mate,) Jeremy is initially prickly toward Carter, until Carter reminds Jeremy of how they used to be as friends.

Jeremy finally begins to get the hell over himself and the two men decide that since they're both gay, why not be gay together, but for only as long as they're both in town.

And everyone can totally see where this is heading, since they've both secretly been into one another since they were teenagers.

I loved the dynamic between the flirty, smirking Jeremy and the shy, introverted Carter. They both helped the other overcome some of their own shortcomings and insecurities.

But the steamy, teasing scenes by the pool? Holy fuck balls. I may or may hot have internally yelled, "You both want it. Just do it already!" Twenty or so times. : )

Then when the actual action started, wow. Verse anyone? My favorite. So yes, those scenes were hot, if anyone is interested.

Once Jeremy finally has his big epiphany, the story does end in an HEA, with a nice epilogue from a year down the road, as the guys finally merge their lives fully.

This one was a fun, short read, with a lot of character development, plus some feels packed into the pages, so I'd rate this one as a solid 4.25 stars and definitely recommend.
My copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.
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