Saturday, March 12, 2016

Book Review: The Afternoon Sun in Your Eyes by Elliot Underwood

The Afternoon Sun in Your Eyes
Backpacking across Japan over summer break, Rory falls in love with Souma, despite knowing he'll eventually have to leave.

When Rory decided to backpack across Japan for his summer break, the last thing he expected was to find someone as gorgeous as Souma, a Tokyoite who happened to be at the right place and time. Falling in love with a foreigner is anything but simple, and the last week of summer approaches too fast. Rory decides to do everything in his power to convince Souma that they belong together when autumn comes.

Todd's rating:

This one didn't really do very much for me, largely due to the fact that it was only around 40 pages, with nearly the entire story being about the two MC's already desperately missing one another, before they were even separated.

Then once they were finally separated, with Rory returning to Louisiana and Souma staying in Tokyo, on the very next page, they were reunited again, roughly 10 days later.

Umm, build up? Suspense? Yearning? Overcoming complex obstacles? Those are all critical in a good M/M story, but I got nearly none of that in this story.

One thing that I found highly unbelievable was how 2 young men, who professed to be flat broke, came up with the cash for a *last minute* flight. From Tokyo to Louisiana. I wouldn't even want to know how much that ticket would cost with almost zero advance booking notice.

Anyway, yes, instead of thinking about the depth of their love, I kept thinking about all sorts of logistical things. Like airfare costs to make the events in the story plausible. Work visas, so Souma could support himself. How long could he even remain in the country legally? None of those items were even mentioned.

Sorry, but even short romances still need to make sense, beyond just the feelings. Otherwise, they're fantasy, not romance.

It just really didn't engage me and really hold my interest, so this one comes in at around 2.5 stars.

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