Friday, February 5, 2016

ARC Review: What Can Be (Audiobook) by Mary Calmes (author) & Robert Neiman (narrator)

What Can Be
From the blurb:  

Thirteen years ago, Eli went on a summer trip with his mother and never came back. Now, existing in a new life as Jacob Somerville, he’s again running from fear and memories, only to end up where he started. As Jacob struggles to reconnect with his father and brothers, he realizes that his lover, Craig Zhao, was the only thing filling his empty heart and standing between him and ghosts of the past. It will take the power of love—from his family, from Craig, and from himself—for Jacob to see that his life truly is filled with the promise of what can be.

Rosa's Review: 

No one can Mary Calmes like Mary Calmes Mary Calmeses. Many have tried to out-Mary Calmes Mary Calmes, many have tried to imitate Mary Calmes, but only Mary Calmes can top Mary Calmes.

There can be only one. And that's Mary Calmes.

Miss Mary was in full Mary-mode with What Can Be. From the minute I pressed play on the audiobook, I was in the Land o'Mary and it made me roll my eyes and grin in sheer joy. I feel I should warn you to not listen to or read Mary in public -- you may freak people out with your out-of-character giggling. (Unless you're one of those odd happy people --then be free my friends, go forth and giggle.)

What is this book about, you say? DOES IT MATTER?! No, it does not. In case you weren't paying attention this is Mary FREAKIN' Calmes. So there's a good looking dude who everyone says how beautiful he is but he insists he's plain and everyone wants to be around him and touch him constantly and chances are he has warm golden skin and I wouldn't say he has low self-esteem, but he does not seem to understand JUST HOW MUCH EVERYONE FREAKING LOVES HIM. And then there's another dude, and he is hot, and a bossy alpha and everyone loves him or is intimidated by him and wants to sleep with him but he ONLY wants the good looking dude. FOREVER. And he growls things like, "I want you to get in my bed." Grrrrowl! And there's at least one pregnant chick, and the good looking dude will dance at some point and be really good at it, and he'll say "yessir" and call out "screw you!" with laughing eyes. And hugs will lunge and and faces will be touched and eyes will squint and voices will break and EYEBROWS WILL WAGGLE and clothes will be described in serious detail and people will do so much coughing you'll wonder why they don't just get a cough drop. And yeah, cough drops are weirdly expensive for something that's mostly sugar but these people don't have to worry, THEY'RE ALL RICH.

*happy sigh* It's pretty awesome.

As for the audio narrator, Robert Neiman, he's pretty good. And by "pretty good" I mean that his voice doesn't bug me but he's not so very good that I get distracted by just how good he is. The only problem I had with him is that there isn't a lot of difference between character voices. In another book I might've had trouble telling who was actually talking, but I didn't have that problem here. That could be because I've read the book (once, about 2 years ago) or because it's in first person.

So if you're looking for a Mary Calmes audio, you can't get much better than this Mary Calmes.

Mary Calmes.

** I received a free copy of the audiobook from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **

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Thanks for reading my review and happy listening!

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