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Blogtour: Covenant by M. Leanne Phoenix

Please welcome M. LeAnne Phoenix with 

The Covenant 


When love is forbidden, who can you trust?

Seventeen year old David has been best friends with Jonathan for as long as he can remember, but the day he sees the pastor's daughter press a soft kiss to Jonathan's cheek everything changes. Overcome by jealousy, his explosive reaction reveals a deeper connection that sends their relationship spiraling down into dangerous territory.
When their clandestine love is discovered, they have nowhere to turn for help. The brutal circumstances of their parting test David and Jonathan's covenant to each other in unimaginable ways. Forced to face their fears, it is in their darkest moments that the two young men discover that the courage, hope, and strength they need to to fight for their love, has been the foundation of their covenant all along.


David opened his locker to get out his Biology, History, and Music History books and shoved them into his backpack, swallowing hard against the lump in his throat. Jonathan’s comforting hand lit on David’s side as he came to lean on the locker to the right of David’s own, holding up in one paint-besmeared hand, a small piece of black cardboard. On it, David saw symbols, ones he thought might be Greek. Remembering the foreign exchange student from Thessaloniki shared Jonathan’s sixth period art class, he smiled and turned to his boyfriend as he took the proffered gift.
“What does it say?” David couldn’t help but smile at the joy lighting Jonathan’s eyes. “This has to be something that Kallias helped you make—”
“You aren’t wrong,” Jonathan interjected. “That is Greek writing and Kallias even taught me how to say it.”
“Enlighten me, please!” David rasped, focusing wholly on Jonathan’s gift. “Say it and then tell me what it means.”
“If I say it right, it’s agape menomou—”
David furrowed his brow, repeating, “A guppy man oh moo?”
Jonathan slid down the locker in a giggle. “Noooo! I must have said it wrong because your face… oh my gosh, your face!”
Blushing and biting his lower lip, David sank down to his haunches in front of Jonathan. “Then say it again, slower, and tell me what it means!”
Jonathan looked around, and seeing no-one in their locker bank, leaned up to whisper the Greek in his ear, the sounds slower… thicker. “Agape menomou means O love of my heart.

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We snagged an interview with LeAnne Phoenix!

Hi LeAnne, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Do you have pictures that you use for your characters? Can you share them with us?

I do! My David I actually have very few photos that work for him, but I used Andreja Pejic when she presented as male—the pictures I use are street photos, really, but for a couple model shots. My Jonathan is Miles McMillan, for the most part, sans the runway. I remember the first time that I saw a photo of him as I was just beginning NaNoWriMo 2014… I thought, holy crap! That’s him! That’s my Jonny. I did the same thing with this one street photo I have of Andreja.

What kind of book would you like to write that people would see as a huge departure for you?

I’ve been trying my hand—I’ve done it twice now with the same result—to write a F/F novel. Being a lesbian, one would think I should be able to do this. Each time, I’ve just hit a wall. I don’t know what it is about F/F that stalls me… because seriously, I should be able to do this! Right?

Have you ever killed a character? Was it traumatic for you? If you haven’t killed one, would you ever consider it?

Yes. I have… and yes, it was awful, but lucky for me, I was writing in sci-fi and I was able to work around the whole death part. However, one of the side stories in the same series did have a death in it and it nearly ripped my heart out to write it. I believe that death is a part of life, so I don’t think there should be a time that I shouldn’t include it, BUT I also am a big believer in happy endings. I don’t want to be known for being unpredictable in that sense. It’s like with Cody Kennedy books. Things might get super intense, but you KNOW that it will all work out. You might cry because of something that happens, but YOU KNOW that Kennedy will make it right and you will be all right and THEY will be all right. I want to be that kind of author.

Favorite location you’ve ever written about?

World’s End… my own little pocket of heaven. Complete with water twister arrivals.

What’s your favorite season and favorite activity for that season?

Autumn going into Winter. I like everything about it, mythology to holidays to weather. I like the pumpkiny part of the holidays, the family part of the holidays. I like the cold and having to snuggle to get warm. I like the fact that my coffee gets super-steamy because of the cold. I like it all!

Thank you!!

More about the author:

M. LeAnne Phoenix would tell you that the worst time of her life was the two years that she attempted to take off from writing. If you asked her to explain exactly why she did such a thing, you would most likely get the mad attempt to arch an eyebrow like her dad and then a shake of the head as she told you it was unlucky to speak of such things. Suffice it to say, it will never happen again!

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas in the mid-1970's, Ms. Phoenix was young and wild (and even free!) during the crazy wondrous decade known as the 1980's and the even crazier but now grungy decade of the 1990's. Music is second only to the muses that live and breathe to fill her mind with beautiful men, and music always helps them to tell their stories. She is never without her iPod or her computer no matter where she goes, although, she does like to hike and take pictures of the sky and the moon, and even the occasional shot of the sun through the branches of a tree.

An avid cat lover, Ms. Phoenix has been owned by many throughout her life, though her current owner is one Lily-Rose, who really would like for her to step away from the keyboard and pay her some attention! After all, hasn't she earned it?



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