Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Book Review: Once in a Snowstorm by Ofelia Grand

Daring a snowstorm might not be the smartest thing Aiden has ever done, but he can't stand being in his flat a moment longer. With only three days to Christmas, he doesn't want to be alone. He wants a place to belong, wants people around him who won't look down on him. He might not find all that at his mother's place, but at least it's better than being alone in the city. If he can make it there, that is.

Tristan is looking forward to a quiet night in front of the TV, but instead, he has to save an idiot in designer clothes from freezing to death in his forest. Tristan tries not to notice the man's good looks, just like he has tried not to notice any man's good looks for the last seven years. He knows where relationships go and is far better off living alone, with his dog, in his cabin.

Aiden is driving Tristan mad with his bratty comments and irresponsible ways, and Aiden is going crazy from Tristan's judgmental attitude. Luckily, in a few days, the weather will clear up, and the two men won't have to be together any longer. But will a few steamy nights with the grumpy lumberjack change Aiden's mind about wanting to leave? And will Tristan still want to go back to his peaceful, predictable life without fear of getting his heart broken?

Dani's rating:

Tristan is a REAL lumberjack.

He lives with his dog in a remote cabin in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

His life is routine and ordinary until a few days before Christmas when he rescues Aiden, in his fancy, impractical sneakers, from freezing to death in the woods.

I loved Tristan and melted every time he called Aiden "darling." Aiden was a little too defensive for his own good, which made more sense once I realized his mother's the kind of person you push in front of a bus and walk away whistling.

The scene with Tristan's ex felt random, and I wish the epilogue had been set further in the future, but Aiden and Tristan FIT.

Tristan needed to believe in love again, and Aiden hid a world of vulnerability beneath his snooty exterior.

I'm a sucker for gruff, lonely men and stranded-in-a-blizzard stories. Comfort/healing, slow burn, enemies-to-lovers, sexy times, cool dog, and a tentative HEA: what's not to love?

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