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Book Review: The Invasion of Adam (Tork & Adam #2) by Claire Davis

The Invasion of Adam (Tork and Adam, #2)
College life, fun nights out, guys everywhere—Adam thought his life was perfect…

Until he met Tork.

Green-haired Tork creates origami models and reads Dickens. He lives in supported housing, and he is absolutely not impressed by money.

Adam and Tork come from opposite worlds, but even as Adam fights it, the attraction stays strong.

Will Tork win the battle to understand his past and be well? Is there another Adam beneath that polished surface? Can they overcome their differences, and will there be dancing at midnight?

Find out what happens in a year of Adam, Tork, and Dickens the cat.

Todd's rating:

"Paper Heart, Paper Heart,
Who has sent me love?
Is he broken, is he bright?
Give me a sign
And he’ll be mine."

~Noah Homes
I think this quote from the books sums up the feelings of both characters in Tork and Adam's second book.

I continued to love the dynamic between Tork and Adam in this latest book, too.

Adam saves Tork from a lonely, dangerous life on the streets, then gives him the confidence to continue not only his education, but to also reconnect with his estranged family.

But Tork also saves Adam from a pointless, shallow and unhappy existence as well. And when Adam fails his courses, it's Tork who puts him back on the right track with his exams, a profession that will actually make him happy and even helps set things to rights with Adam's somewhat-distant family.

So both of our heroes experienced a few setbacks over the course of the book, but what Tork said in his moment of need held true for both of the guys.
The pressure in his chest that had begun the instant he’d seen Adam climbing through the doorway in the garage seemed to melt away. His whole body was tingling like the warm air before summer rain.

This man came for him, every time.
I loved how neither Tork nor Adam really faltered in their commitment to one another, not once.

Sure, at times Tork needed to regroup, but both characters ran *toward* one another when they needed help, instead of running away.

I loved that strength and quiet confidence that they knew precisely where they needed to be. By one another's sides.

I was a bit disappointed that when they finally felt sufficiently read to be intimate, anything beyond kissing was completely off-page. And after 6 full months of waiting, I truly wanted, no *needed*, to be a fly on the wall for that, but alas.

But there were plenty of feels to enjoy in the story.

All Adam’s previous hookups and boyfriends were so pliant they made him sick—all waiting for him to position them as he liked, hanging on his every word— but Tork’s hand gripped his hair almost painfully, yanking his head so he could not move.

Adam might as well admit it; he was lost in the bewildering whirlpool of green hair, strong hands and a voice that was wound around his heart.
The book was low angst and well-focused, without any unnecessary melodrama, which I most definitely appreciated.

This was such a good book and I really can't recommend it enough, so this one came in at a very endearing 4.5 *strong-brave-kind-and-thoughtful* stars for me.

This was my copy of the book and was not provided by the publisher.

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