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Blogtour: Something Like A Love Song by Becca Burton

Please welcome Becca Burton and 

Something Like A Love Song 


One tragic night left Landon and Dylan’s dreams of happily ever after in apparent ruin. Forced to overcome physical and emotional trauma, the young lovers turn to a network of family and friends as they attempt to rebuild their lives. But can their one constant—their love—survive the changes both undergo on the road to recovery?



Landon's bed is in the center of the room, and Dylan’s heart begins to pound in his chest as he takes a step forward, hesitates. Landon looks so small, tucked into the middle of the bed, and everything about the scene is unnatural and wrong. His head is wrapped with thick bandages, for which Dylan is grateful—he isn't sure he could handle that. Just the thought of what's happening to Landon, to his fiancé, is enough to make his throat constrict, his chest tighten.

A ventilator tube parts Landon's lips, and his chest rises and falls in equal, rhythmic whirrs. IVs line his arms; the wires snake from under his hospital gown. His freckles stand out starkly against the unnatural pale hue of his skin, except where the deep purple of a bruise creeps from under the bandages and swells down to his left cheekbone. It seems impossible that only hours ago they were laughing in the park, holding hands and eating ice cream from the small corner stand; it’s like some distant memory, a fading dream. But the ache deep in Dylan’s chest, the way his stomach is knotting itself, the too-clean smell of the hospital burning his nose, Landon's face, battered and bruised—Dylan can't look away—all this is too real to be a dream, no matter how badly Dylan wants to just wake up, wants all this to go away and everything to be okay.
"You can touch him, if you want," Brittany says, her voice soft. "We need to make sure to reduce extra stimulation, to allow his brain time to recover, but it's okay to hold his hand."
Dylan looks up at her. Her smile is kind and understanding. Then he turns back to Landon and takes a small step forward. Landon's hand is right there, resting above the covers, and Dylan doesn't know why he's so nervous; he's held Landon's hand more times than he could begin to count. But, surrounded by machines and tubes, Landon has never looked so utterly fragile, as if he could shatter at the lightest touch.
"It's okay," Brittany says from behind him, and Dylan squeezes his eyes shut, tears pricking behind his eyelids. "You won't hurt him."
Landon's skin is cold; his hand is unnaturally still. Even in sleep Landon's hand would always find Dylan's, their fingers would curl together like a reflex.
Not now.
"I'm so sorry," Dylan whispers, holding on a little tighter. "I'm so..."
His voice catches, the words bottling up in his throat, unable to escape. Landon's chest rises, falls, in, out.
In, out.
"You're so hurt, and it's my fault," Dylan manages, his voice barely audible above the machines keeping Landon alive. "It's all my fault and I'm..." He exhales slowly. "I'm so sorry."
He swipes his thumb across Landon's knuckles, over the dips and grooves, and vaguely notes that Brittany has left them alone. He sinks down into the small chair beside the bed, not letting go of Landon's hand.

"You need to fight, okay? I need you here, with me, and I can't..." There's nothing left inside him except an empty, hollow feeling and the knowledge that Landon can't hear him. Landon’s engagement ring is in a dish on a table beside the bed, along with his watch, and Dylan fishes them out and tucks them into his pocket.

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We had a chance to ask Becca some questions...

Hi Becca, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Thank you for having me. Something Like a Love Song is my first novel, a story about two long time boyfriends who find themselves facing a life changing tragedy and have to find the courage and love for each other to fight through.

While this is my first novel, I have posted many stories online, and have been writing ever since I learned how. I currently work as a nurse in a Neonatal ICU, and medicine has been a big interest in my life, and always seems to find a way into my writing. I am passionate about diverse, LGBTQ fiction, and am very excited to contribute to this genre.

  1. Tell us something no one else knows about your characters.

Dylan’s obsession with waffles started when he was young and his mom would make him waffles every time he was sick, so they essentially became a comfort food for him. As he got older his mom would often include him in the waffle making which would end up as a disaster in the kitchen, but Dylan was happy and she didn’t mind.

Landon has Superman underwear that he still wears, especially when he’s stressed. Dylan thinks it’s adorable.

  1. What inspires you in life or in writing?

    It’s hard to pinpoint one thing that inspires me. I find inspiration all over the place - usually in places I don’t expect. I find it in stories I read about real people, or people I’ve met or cared for in real life. I can even find it in the babies I’ve taken care of at my job in the NICU. There are times I hear something, or read something or listen to music that will inspire me with an idea or feeling that I feel the need to write.  

  1. What is the most important thing about your subject/genre that people need to know?

    I think it’s important for others to know that LGBTQA+ fiction has just as much to offer as other fiction, whether it’s romance novels, young adult novels, or genre fiction. There are so many stories to be told, so many that haven’t been explored because of the stigma some have against the genre, and I think it’s so important that people start becoming more aware of this. Someone doesn’t have to be a member of the LGBTQA+ community to invest in the stories and appreciate what they have to offer.

  1. How did you become involved in the subject/theme of your book?

When I was in nursing school, I was very fascinated in the subject of neurology and would often spend my free time researching it. I also started working in a care home for adults with disabilities. Between work and nursing school, I had the opportunity to care for people with traumatic brain injuries. Their stories and their strengths are what inspired this book, and I really wanted to share how strong both those with a TBI and their care givers can be.

  1. What famous person (living or dead) would you like to meet and why?

    I think it would be fascinating to meet Oscar Wilde or Virginia Woolf and really hear their side of what happened during their lives. And learn where they got their inspiration. I think it would be so interesting to see what they would think of the current world and how it would affect their writing.

    I would also love to meet both J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien and just pick their brains for hours and find out where they got their talent and can I have some?

Thank you!!

About the author:

Becca Burton penned her first Nancy Drew fan fiction at the age of nine and has been an avid writer ever since. Currently working as a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse, Becca is a recent Oregon transplant from the Midwest. Becca has a weakness for coffee, the smell of old books, rainy days and her cat, Luna. Something Like a Love Song is her first novel.


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  1. Becca here - thank you so much for the feature and interview!


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