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Audiobook ARC Review: The Mating of Michael by Eli Easton

The Mating of Michael (Sex in Seattle, #3)From the blurb:
Everyone admires Michael Lamont for being a nurse, but his part-time work as a gay sex surrogate not only raises eyebrows, it's cost him relationships. Michael is small, beautiful, and dedicated to working with people who need him. But what he really wants is a love of his own. He spends most of his spare time reading science fiction, especially books written by his favorite author and long-time crush, the mysteriously reclusive J.C. Guise.

James Gallway’s life is slowly but inexorably sliding downhill. He wrote a best-selling science fiction novel at the tender age of eighteen, while bedridden with complications of polio. But by twenty-eight, he's lost his inspiration and his will to live. His sales from his J.C. Guise books have been in decline for years. Wheelchair bound, James has isolated himself, convinced he is unlovable. When he is forced to do a book signing and meets Michael Lamont, he can’t believe a guy who looks like Michael could be interested in a man like him.

Michael and James are made for each other. But they must let go of stubbornness to see that life finds a way and love has no limitations.

Heather's rating:

Eli Easton is one of my favorite authors and The Mating of Michael is one of my favorite books, so when the book came out in audio I was very interested in trying it. This alone is a little unusual for me. I tend to not listen to the audio of books that I've read before because I never want the audiobook to change my opinion of a book that I've previously loved. However, I've listened to many narrations by Michael Stellman, and so I was wiling to give it a shot.

First of all, let me say that this story is impossibly beautiful. Interestingly enough, it didn't make me cry or feel as turned on as I felt when I was reading the paperback version. I'm not sure if it is because I already knew what was going to happen, but I think my feelings were a little more... muted this time around. The story still sang to me, however, and I fell in love with Michael and James all over again.

Michael is tender, sensual, giving, and loving, and James is acerbic, slow to trust, and dying for someone to love him for who he is. They moved slowly as a couple, developing their relationship over time. I love how this story just perfected the hurt-comfort theme, and made Michael and James's romance feel absolutely epic.

In terms of the narration, I think Michael Stellman did a very nice job. I always sort of feel the same way about this narrator: he has a sexy, young voice that works well for M/M, but he is also totally incapable of creating different voices for different characters, which usually is one of my biggest pet peeves. Michael Stellman gets a pass from me on the vocal range because he just has such a freaking sultry voice, but I wish he was able to stretch a bit more. Still a very wonderful job, and with great understanding of the characters.

If you are looking to try this book out in audio, don't hesitate. It was a great listening experience that will touch the most jaded of M/M readers.

**Copy provided in exchange for an honest review**

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