Thursday, December 3, 2015

ARC Review: Pent Up by Damon Suede

Pent Up 
From the blurb:

Ruben Oso moves to Manhattan to start his life over as a low-rent bodyguard and stumbles into a gig in a swanky Park Avenue penthouse. What begins as executive protection turns personal working for a debonair zillionaire who makes Ruben question everything about himself.

Watching over financial hotshot Andy Bauer puts Ruben in an impossible position. He knows zero about shady trading and his cocky boss lives barricaded in a glass tower with wall-to-wall secrets and hot-and-cold-running paranoia. Can the danger be real? Is Andy for real?

What’s a bullet catcher to do? Ruben knows his emotions are out of control even as he races to untangle a high-priced conspiracy and his crazy feelings before somebody gets dead. If his suspicions are right, Andy will pay a price neither can afford, and Ruben may discover there’s no way to guard a heart.

Heather's rating:

I think Damon Suede wrote Pent Up just for me. No, I'm SERIOUS!

First of all, it's a DOUBLE GAY FOR YOU, which he has actually done before (Hot Head). Now, I've read a few interviews with Damon where he says that he likes to think of it as Out-For-You, not GFY, but IMO, if you are thinking of a guy sexually for the first time ever and doing things with a man for the first time, it's GFY. If you want to be even more technical, one of the MCs was a little more fluid with his sexuality before getting with the other, but I'm still lumping this into the double GFY shelf.

I have a weakness for GFY, as many people know. It is a BIG weakness. There is just something about a man exploring his sexuality for the first time, discovering himself, and broadening his horizons. I like firsts, and there is no more extreme first than switching gender to someone you didn't even know you could be attracted to. However, GFY has to be done to perfection for it to work. Damon just NAILED the GFY parts.

What I really enjoyed was how the sexual tension built up over a long period of time. These guys started off not being into each other, and then they slowly started seeing each other in a different light. There was sexual tension for DAYS, and I loved that. I also really liked how when Ruben and Andy got together, it wasn't "perfect". There were clumsy, awkward moments, moments where they had to figure out how two men worked together and what their dynamic would be. These beginning moments felt very true and very authentic.

And, DAMN, Damon SERIOUSLY knows how to turn up the sexy. This book had moments that were soooooo freaking hot that I just about died. If there is one thing that Damon Suede does right every time it is making readers sweat by bringing the heat. *fans self*

While Damon got many parts right, there were a few things that I didn't really care for... like the plot. Romantic suspense is simply not my genre, and if you add in a plot that was actually pretty convoluted and complicated, you lose some of my attention. I chose to focus more on the chemistry between Ruben and Andy, and pay less attention to the storyline of Ruben protecting Andy from some vague threat. I also wish we got to be inside Andy's head because I often felt like he was a more aloof, distant character. He would act one way, a cocky, smart tech god, and then morph into a mellow, affectionate man. I had a hard time getting a feel for him at certain moments.

Despite this book not being a perfect fit for me (and a perfect fit is asking for a lot!), I think that this was a fabulous story. A sexy, fun, high- energy story with a HOT AS F*UK GFY twist.

I'm a happy camper.

*Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Enjoy, my friends!

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