Wednesday, December 23, 2015

ARC Review: An Ordinary Hero by Therese Woodson

An Ordinary Hero

As a paramedic, Ryan Bishop has responded to his fair share of bizarre situations. However, he’s not prepared when he meets Phillip, a local man who keeps popping up to save the day. Everyone lauds Phillip as a hero, but he prefers to stay in the background, going so far as to refuse medical treatment.
Ryan is intrigued, not only by Phillip’s unassuming manner, but also by his ability to be in the right place at the right time. Ryan wants some answers and maybe even a date. What he gets is an unexpected part in Phillip’s origin story.

Todd's rating:

This short 68-page paranormal romance was a fun, feel-good read for me.

Ryan is a paramedic and has seen his share of odd things on the job over the years, except now, he keeps running into the same would-be hero at several accident scenes.

Phillip is an unassuming, book store employee, pretty normal in most ways, except that he can sense danger coming and tries to step in to avert tragedies. And he heals very quickly.

The book is fairly typical, in its slow burn between the two MC's, slowly developing a rapport, then trust and lastly giving in to their mutual attractions, with enough feels to keep the reader happy.

The one thing that left me wanting was a more in-depth explanation of precisely how Phillip gained his gift, which was only a recent development, not an ability with which he was born.

Instead, we only get a vague tale of reading and translating a journal that arrived at the book dealer's shop, then a gradual 'change,' but no real details to go along with the story.

What was the journal about? Whose journal was it? But since this was only a short novella, I just sort of dropped my wondering and went with the story.

The book did have one pretty sexy scene, for those who are curious, and wasn't unnecessarily dramatic, which I appreciated.

In short, the book isn't going to cure cancer, but it was cute and an enjoyable read, so this one comes in at around 3.5 stars.

My copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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