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Book Review: Kiss The Girl (Soho Loft Romances #1) by Melissa Brayden

Kiss the Girl (Soho Loft, #1)
Twenty-eight-year-old Brooklyn Campbell is having a bad day. A speeding ticket, a towed car, and a broken heel are all working against her laid-back vibe. To top it all off, her birth mother, whom she's never met, has requested contact. The only bright spot is an impromptu date with a beautiful and mysterious brunette.
Jessica Lenox is what you would call a high-powered executive. She's the head of a multi-million-dollar advertising firm in New York City, and it didn't happen by accident. But when the blonde head turner from the wine bistro turns out to be her number one competitor, her life gets infinitely more complex.
Is New York big enough for both Brooklyn and Jessica? Maybe it's just time they experienced it together...

Arielle's Review:

Literally, Melissa Brayden is my hero, and I'm about to go on a string of reviews for her books because I completely fell down the rabbit hole and read all of them in one week.

I don't even know where to start, except to say that the Soho Loft Romances, which starts with Kiss The Girl, is maybe my favorite series ever (excluding Harry Potter, and that's saying a lot).

All three of the Soho books are about the life and times of four friends: Brooklyn, Mallory, Hunter, and Samantha, three of whom are gay, one of whom is bisexual (Sam). The four women met at the LGBT center in college and started an ad agency (Savvy) in Soho with Mallory's trust fund after they graduated.

Nine years later, where Kiss The Girl picks up, they're still going strong as a business and as friends. This particular book focuses primarily on Brooklyn and Jessica - the somewhat cut-throat CEO of Savvy's main competitor. The two meet by chance and don't realize the conflict of interest at first (though Mallory is pretty quick to point it out). They struggle a little bit, and without giving too much away, they come together in very sexy sexytimes. Brooklyn and Jess are ADORABLE and I love them.

The really amazing part of the book, though, is the banter between the four friends. It's snarky AF and extremely well written. It's not stunted like a lot of written dialogue can be, and it shows how close the group of women are.

I honestly don't want to give the plot of the book away, but suffice it to say, this was the most enjoyable read I've had in a long time. I've pre-ordered all of Melissa's books for the foreseeable future. She has gained a fan for life.

Please note, I purchased this myself and did not promise a positive review to the author or publisher.

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