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Book Review: Borrowing Trouble by Kade Boehme

Borrowing Trouble
After an amicable divorce, Jay Hill decided to move back to his rural hometown with his teenage kids. Being on good terms with his ex-wife and in laws has made the transition into single life pretty smooth. Things were good and uncomplicated. Then Landon Petty walked into his life.

Landon didn’t expect to still be stuck in his hometown working at his dad’s sawmill at this point in his life. Being an openly gay truck driver was as awkward in practice as in description. When Jay came to take over managerial duties at his dad’s business, Landon was surprised to find a friend. When Jay turns out not to be as straight as he thought, things get complicated.

When feelings for Landon shine a light on how much Jay’s life has been actually half lived, he’s forced to decide if he’ll jump in with both feet or if he’ll let Landon slip through his fingers.

Todd's rating:

I really loved Kade's "Borrowing Trouble," especially since it did so many things right, where other authors writing this same type of coming out book go so horribly wrong for me.

The story vaguely reminded me of Kindle Alexander's "Secret," which I also loved, so if you were a fan of that book, then I highly-suspect that you'd very much enjoy "Borrowing Trouble" as well. (They're both the same Out For You trope, but with drastically-different, entertaining scenarios.)

Landon was a 28 y.o. accredited-teacher-turned-truck-driver, helping out his father with both driving and taking care of the books, which was both exhausting and hell on maintaining any type of long-term relationship.

Enter Jay, a handsome, divorced, 36 y.o. single father of two teenagers, hired by Landon's dad to take over Landon's cumbersome office duties.

Landon was immediately relieved and overjoyed to learn that his life was about to get significantly easier, until he realized that the new manager at the sawmill was his crush from age 13.

But just because Landon has grown up didn't mean that his attraction to Jay had diminished. It hadn't. Not even a little bit.

However, Landon wasn't dumb and knew that Jay was straight, so he decided to keep his feelings under wraps, which I'm sure resulted in a lot of off-page cold showers for Landon.

Then as Landon and Jay begin hanging out, outside of work, lines of attraction blur and they began seeing one another.

So here's the thing, Jay does freak out. A lot. But the thing that I really, truly loved about this story was that he freaks out in an adult manner. He processes 'his shit', with a little help, but he never, not once leaves Landon out in the cold post-runaway, which I loved. Good job there, Kade.

And since Jay didn't make promises that they both know he wasn't in a position to keep, Landon trusted Jay. I know that's a novel thing these days, but Jay actually earned that trust.

Was Jay immediately ready to jump out of the closet? No, of course not. But was Landon patient and genuinely understanding. Yes. So, like I said... Adults. That was awesome.

What was not so awesome turned out to be a gossipy, old biddy at work, the ex-wife and how Jay's mother had guilted him as a child and an adult into towing the heterosexual line.

But all of that was dealt with well and Kade didn't take the reader for a slow drive down Drama Boulevard. No manufactured melodrama, which I find painful and tedious. Again, I loved that.

Jay also had children, so I was ecstatic to see that the book didn't turn into a 'Daddy Daycare' story. The two teens were there, but not in your face, so no worries about that.

Aaaaaaand last, but not least, there were plenty of steamy, sexy times, even with a bit of flip-flopping, which for me is pretty much my all-time favorite sign of true equality in a relationship in books. I've said it numerous times, but once more, loved, loved, LOVED that aspect of the book. : )

The majority of the focus of the book was on the fact that Jay was finally, genuinely happy, possibly for the first time in his life, which he fully recognized and didn't want to shy away from and I found that very refreshing in a coming out story.

The guys did end up with both a HEA and an epilogue, to show their continuing commitment to one another, rough patches and all.

The blurb didn't immediately make me want to run toward this book; however, I can, without reservation, tell readers to "RUN TOWARD THIS BOOK."

This story was a solid 4.5 stars for me, so highly-recommended. #ToddSaid   : )

My copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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