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ARC Review: Yellow Streak (Heroes at Heart #2) by Susan Laine

Yellow Streak (Heroes at Heart, #2)
Yancy Bell, a book geek with a bladder problem, saved the life of suicidal gay jock Curt Donovan. But when Curt returns to college after the Christmas holidays pretending he doesn’t know Yancy, warning bells go off.

Has a frightened Curt decided the safety of the closet is preferable to coming out? A remorseful Curt comes knocking on Yancy’s door in the dead of the night. Yancy wants to help Curt find the courage to proudly be himself and pursue his dreams, but first Curt needs to come to terms with his past acts. Yancy can only hope their reunion ends in light, not darkness.

Todd's rating:

ARGH! Serialized cliff-hanger stories tend to be a huge "no" for me, which I just realized this series had become, after reading this second book.

The first one ended on such a happy, positive and hopeful note, that I decided to continue with the next; however, as this book definitely ended on a huge "trouble in paradise" note, I'm not sure if I'll continue with the series.

As I see this particular book, it consists of 3 parts, acts, if you will, each of which I feel that potential readers should be aware of up front.


Act 1:

During the first part, as the blurb says, Curt hasn't contacted Yancy, as he promised he would, then ignores him upon seeing one another again.

This part played a larger part in the blurb than it did in the actual book. Within 2.5 seconds, Curt was at Yancy's door begging for forgiveness, so it was, thankfully, not drawn out.

We learn that, although Curt's father has abandoned him, his brother and sister have not, and that Curt decides to come out to his best jock buddies, against Yancy's cautionary advice.

The first part of the story is pretty much happy, happy, joy, joy and I really enjoyed it as a follow-up to book 1.

The End. But unfortunately, no.


Act 2:

Then fast forward one year and Curt is auditioning for Julliard. This part of the book bored me and I really couldn't care less how it turned out, to be honest.

Which was good, because the actual 'end' of this book left you with a cliffhanger as to whether or not Curt gets into Julliard, but the boys *were* actually happy together.

The End. But unfortunately, no.


Act 3:

This book includes Chapter 1 of the *next* book, fast forwarded 8 months, where everything is falling to shit relationship-wise between Yancy and Curt.

Just what I wanted to read and inspire me to actually continue this series. That Yancy has switched schools and towns to be with Curt, only for Yancy to be ignored for months, as Curt begins growing distant, with fears that Curt is cheating on Yancy with his new dance friend, another ex-jock, Greg.

The End. Fortunately, yes, for this book at least.


Sorry, but I'm calling fuckery.

For me to actually enjoy an M/M romance, I need the story to face and overcome obstacles, which did happen in both book 1 and book 2; however, the preview of book 3 takes what looks to be an existing HEA, then pisses all over all the hard work done in the first 2 books. Wait, what???

Nope, there is quite literally nothing that I hate worse than fucking with a happy couple.

They came, they conquered, move on to another set of sub-characters from the book or introduce new characters for a continuation of the series, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT fuck with my happy ending.

That's not entertaining for me and is pretty much a series-ender in my eyes.

I'd much rather end with the HEA book and walk away, smiling and happy, which is precisely what I plan to do at this point.


My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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