Saturday, November 14, 2015

ARC Review: What Happens At Christmas by Jay Northcote

What Happens at Christmas
When two friends pose as boyfriends, could what happens at Christmas turn into something more?
Justin is recently and unhappily single. Christmas is coming, and he doesn’t want to face his ex alone at their office party. So Sean—Justin’s best mate and long-time secret crush—volunteers to go with him and pretend to be his new flame.

Sean has always lusted after Justin from afar, but there’s never been a good opportunity to ask him for more than friendship. Posing as Justin’s boyfriend isn’t a chore, and if Justin wants to rebound onto him, Sean’s more than willing. At the party pretense and reality blur, and a kiss on the dance floor leads to a night of passion.

In the aftermath, they both assume it was a one-time thing until fate intervenes. Stuck together in London over the holidays, they give in to temptation again. But what happens at Christmas stays at Christmas... right?

Todd's rating:

Jay's "What Happens at Christmas" was as fun as it was adorable.

In this story, she went with the best friends to lovers trope, where Justin, "the gay one," recently dumped his cheating boyfriend of 6 months.

Then his best friend Sean, who's been traveling the world for 9 months, returns to London, staying on Sean's couch until he finds a job and his own place.

But the upcoming company Christmas party is happening in a few days, where Sean's ex-douchehole and the new boyfriend will be in attendance.

To make the ex jealous and show him that Justin isn't a pining mess, which he kind of is, Sean volunteers to play the part of Justin's new squeeze.

Seeing the ex get his comeuppance returned in spaces is a true thing of beauty, plus, the new boyfriend, Johnny, being let in on what a cheating asshole Andy is? Ahhh, karma is a bitch, people, and a blast to watch what goes around come right the fuck back around.

But 'playing' at being boyfriends comes very easily to Justin and Sean. Way too easy, in fact, as each has been secretly in love with the other since they were teenagers.

So after both alcohol and hours of dancing, the boys are so worked up that they let themselves give in to their long-held attractions, only to then put in the 'one-off' column the next morning out of fear.

But what happens when both boys are snowed in for the holidays?

The book does in with a strong HEA, so I definitely recommend this 4-star story for anyone interested in a good friends-to-lovers story.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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