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ARC Review: Inhibitions by D.H. Starr

Let the mask unleash your inhibitions!

All it takes is mask to release your deepest inhibitions.

Mick and Rhett are best friends, each comfortable with the way their lives have developed from teenage years and into adulthood. Sure, they'd had thoughts about each other, but friendship persevered and Mick hadn't given too much thought about why they hadn't taken things to the next level.

That all changes when Rhett pushes Mick into attending a masquerade ball. Once he purchases a mask for the event, he discovers he can control what others do. Rhett quickly masterminds a plot to give a few of the members of the A-crowd a taste of humility and the plan goes smoothly. At least until Rhett convinces Mick to hand over the mask.

What had started as a game turns into something which could change Mick's life forever. The question is, will it change his life for the better or the worse?
Todd's rating:


Well, now, that was all kinds of unexpectedly hot.

I thought the premise for this story was kind of fluffy and cute, so I requested it from the publisher and am glad that I did.

This mostly is your typical 'best friends to years becoming more' story, where a magical mask helps the boys overcome their pent-up attractions.

Bubbly, persistent Rhett convinces Mick to reluctantly attend a costume party at Webster Hall in NYC. (I've been, it's a pretty cool venue, which added to my own nostalgia during my read.)

So Mick sets out for a local thrift store to piece together a sexy pirate costume, the kind with a white silk shirt, billowy, nearly-transparent black pants and a thong, plus one very special mask.

When Mick discovers that the mask allows him to hear other people's thoughts, then control their actions, he tells his roommate and best friend of 10 years and plans are set in motion.

First, convince hot boys to sleep with Rhett. Second, convince hot boys to sleep with Mitch. Third... revenge. >- )
“This is a golden opportunity. When will you ever have a chance to get whatever you want and make all the assholes pay for the shit they pull at these parties?”
Things really heat up when the costume party begins, resulting in a backroom 5-way where a purported 'total top' takes on the FOUR guys he's dating and a total bottom takes his turn at bat.

That backroom scene was very abbreviated, with only a short glimpse, so I'd have *loved* for a fully-expanded version of that hotness on-page.

But when Rhett puts Mick's mask on, sweet baby Jesus, fuck the 5-way. What 5-way??? All thoughts lost. Not shitting you.

Throughout the story, Rhett is described as delicate and dramatic, i.e. the consummate bottom. But when things heat up, fucking hell, the boy could deliver in goddamn style.

And Mick is described as being more take charge, but he sure as hell held his own when pinned down, too. *Rawr*

Yes, the final hawt and dirty scene alone was worth reading the entire 52-page short story.

I honestly haven't read a scene that hot in at least a year, and that is including the Baz and Elijah scene in the Tesla in Heidi Cullinan's "Lonely Hearts (Love Lessons #3) ", which is truly saying something. Christ.

So yeah, "Toppy little bottoms of the world, UNITE!"

And the boys do get their HEA in a cute, little epilogue chapter, which I pretty much adored.

Overall, this one rates a solid 4 *kinky-public-sex-plus-a-few-feels* stars for me, with very little about the story that I'd have changed.

My copy of the book was provided by MLR Books in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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