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ARC Review: Blueberry Boys by Vanessa North

Connor Graham is a city boy—a celebrated fashion photographer in New York. When his uncle’s death drags him back to the family blueberry farm, all he wants to do is sell it as quickly as he can. Until he meets his uncle’s tenant farmer.

Jed Jones, shy and stammering, devout and dedicated, has always yearned for land of his own and a man to share it with. Kept in the closet by his church, family, and disastrous first love, he longs to be accepted for who he is. But now, with his farm and his future in Connor’s careless hands, he stands to lose even the little he has.

Neither man expects the connection between them. Jed sees Connor—appreciates his art and passion like no one else in this godforsaken town ever has. Connor hears Jed—looks past his stutter to listen to the man inside. The time they share is idyllic, but with the farm sale pending, even their sanctuary is a source of tension. As work, family, and their town’s old-fashioned attitudes pull them apart, they must find a way to reconcile commitments to their careers and to each other.

Dani's rating:

Jed's grown things as long as he can remember.

Once the owner of the land Jed leases passes away, Jed expects his blueberry farm to be sold, but he doesn't expect the attraction he feels toward Connor who, along with his older brother Scott, inherits the land.

Connor is a New York City fashion photographer. He looks through a lens at beautiful men, but he's never seen anything as beautiful as Jed with his striking jaw, stutter, quiet ways, and Christian faith.

Connor is stocky and has a bit of a belly; he's self-conscious and angry with his belligerent, hostile brother. Connor left the small, conservative upstate town far behind years ago, but he doesn't want to leave Jed.

This book is romantic and tender with some intense sexy scenes. It's a quiet story about family and faith ... finding yourself and finding love.

Jed's Christian faith is important to him, but he's not preachy or self-righteous. I am allergic to organized religion, but I felt like Jed's faith was exactly what faith should be: private, a source of comfort and strength.

I loved the way Connor was with Jed, so patient and kind and giving. As hard as Jed pushed Connor away, Connor hung on.

Vanessa North writes gorgeous prose. Her characters are always complex and real. Even the secondary characters here are three dimensional and interesting.

There is such a sense of place in this book. There's something nostalgic about picking berries. It screams summer, childhood, sticky fingers, and sweetness.

This is a 5 star book, no doubt about it. The cameo from one of my favorite of Vanessa's MCs (hint: he's a model and a muse) and the lovely HEA were just icing on this delicious (blueberry) cake.

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