Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Heather's 2015 GRL Experience, Day 3

Welcome to my final gay, I mean DAY, of the GRL extravaganza! Today was a big day for chatting and getting photo ops with authors, so buckle up for lots of pics of me looking goofy!

Again, I meant to wake up in time for some author readings and Q&As, but my laziness confined me to my bed (woe is me!). I rolled out in time to grab lots and lots of coffee, and head over to my favorite event, the Gayromlit Retreat Massive Book Signing Event! Here is where you get to have all of your pretties (aka books) signed and get to hobnob with all the authors that you missed during the past few days. Of course, I was like a kid in a candy store!

With the beautiful Lane Hayes, who gifted me a candle! 
I couldn't resist attacking Kim Fielding, who signed my copy of Pilgrimage!
With Kaje Harper! I already own everything this woman writes! 
Z.A. Maxfield signed TWO books for me! St. Zacho's, which I bought, and then she gifted me ePistols at Dawn!

I stopped by to gab with the lovely L.C. Chase.
Abigail Roux, air drying a Cut &Run card with her siggy on it!
Me with a very helpful S.A. McAuley, who informed me on which of her books I shouldn't purchase... but you guys should buy all of them. 
That time I hugged T.J. Klune like he was my personal body pillow. I heart that man.
Yes, I see you sitting over there (or hiding from me...) Greg Tremblay and Rhys Ford!
L.A. Witt posting in a totally normal fashion with a portion of her 1,000,000 titles. 
I had to snuggle this pretty and talented lady, Vanessa North.
Erica Pike gifted me The Walls Have Ears! Lucky me!
Finally getting my signage from the very stalk-able Eli Easton
Charlie Cochet had some awesome swag! I hoarded that $hit!
The trouble twins, aka Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock, who are my boos whether they like it or not.
The answers are "Yes" and "I will."
James Buchanan and Belinda McBride greeting fans. 
Ethan Day, busy signing books!
JCP, I just can't get enough!

Finally, after all that excitement and fun, I had to pack up my pile of dirty laundry and boogie to the airport to head back east. I had an AMAZING time with all my fellow readers and all the writers from GRL, and I can't wait to hang with everyone soon! Peace out, friends!
Showing off my signed books at the San Diego airport!



  1. We like it!! It was great to see you, Heather. Enjoy your magical bathtub and all your books!

  2. You have the best pics! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. Heather, thanks so much for sharing all your fantastic updates from GRL. Love the pics with you and the fabulous authors. You look adorable and so happy!! So glad you had fun :)


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