Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Heather's 2015 GRL Experience, Day 2

Thank you all for joining me on day two of my GRL experience! Adventure awaits!

I intended on waking up for the Author Readings from Bru Baker, Clare London, and M.J. O'Shea, but I snoozed right through that and barely made it in time to catch the end of the Author Readings from Hans M. Hirschi, Alexa Land, and Rick R. Reed.

Rick R. Reed from my back of the room spot! 
Alexa Land, who had Greg Tremblay do her reading!
I won't even talk about the way Marie Sexton and I were talking so animatedly that we got shushed outside... that Marie is a bad influence on innocent old me! 

After the reading I wandered over to the swag room again to casually pose with two of my boyfriends. I also scoped out some deals at the swag tables (make sure to check out my deals post here!). 
These men are all mine, guys! 
I followed my very normal make out sesh with fictional characters with the Author Q&A with Eli Easton, Laura Harner, and Brandon Witt

One big happy family! 
I took lots of notes during this one! Laura talked about her pulp friction series and the book she is most proud of (Ty Hard). Her next book out is called "Broken Seal", and she is going to start a book called "Ty-ed Up For Christmas"! 

Brandon gossiped about what is next up for him, and what inspired his next book, "The Imperfection of Swans" (one of his friends who dreamed of opening his own wedding dress shop). Brandon revealed it is a struggle for him to stay "romance-y" in his writing. I think he does a pretty good job of it!

Eli Easton talked about her inspiration for How to Howl at the Moon (the awesome M/F series, Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper). 

Eli Easton, giving us the goods!
After the Q&A, Eli gave ME (!!!) a special sneak peak at the Reese Dante cover for How to Walk Like a Man, which we'll share with here in an upcoming cover reveal. *Spoiler alert*- It is gorg!! 

Following lunch of a burrito the size of my head, I wandered over to the Storyteller Series with T.J. Klune, S.A. McAuley, and Abigail Roux

The wonderful T.J. Klune, looking adorable as always!
Not the best pic of S. A. McAuley and Abigail Roux, but I assure you they had their eyes open in real life!
The authors sort of had an open discussion about sexuality and the sexuality spectrum that involved all of the readers in the audience (who all knew a TON about asexuality, demi-sexuality, and everything else you could think of!). It was touching and enlightening hearing the personal stories from all the readers, and the authors did a great job fielding questions about anything and everything having to do with sexuality in general and their own sexualities in particular. One reader (*cough cough*) managed to stand up and say nothing in particular, all while turning a lovely shade of puce. Let's keep that lady in her seat next year! 

I spent the evening eating unlimited sushi and drinking loads of sake with my fellow bloggers and the lovely and smart Shira Anthony, who didn't bat an eye at the level of crazy contained by the ladies and gentleman of My Fiction Nook. I tip my hat to her!  
Dani and I can party! 

Catch you guys tomorrow for day three of my GRL experience! If you missed day one, come check it out



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