Monday, October 19, 2015

Heather's 2015 GRL Experience, Day 1

Welcome, everyone, to my tales of mischief and mayhem! Err... I mean, tales from GRL 2015! I swear, I kept everything on the up and up, and managed to only emotionally and physically scar a select few.

Because I arrived fairly late on Wednesday, I'm just going to combine the very end of Wednesday with my event-filled day on Thursday.

I got in to beautifully, sunny San Diego on Wednesday just in time to check in and scope out the swag tables that were set to open the next day.
Getting ready.
I want, I want! 
The next day I woke up bright and... late-ish, and I booked it for the swag. You guys know I love a freebie!

I nabbed everything I could get my greedy hands on, and sort of wandered around to see who I could find.

Sure enough, it didn't take me long before I spotted a target... I mean, object of my adoration. I recognized one of my FAVORITE narrators, Greg Tremblay, right off the bat, and I practically sprinted towards, him.

Greg is just the best! Listen to his work here.
 And, of course, he was hanging with the talented Rhys Ford!
That time I forgot how to look at a camera...
I then made my way over to the supporting author spotlight event to meet some authors I haven't met before and hang with some friends.

Me and my girl, Nico Jaye.
With J.H. Knight, again we can't look a camera in the eye (??).
Look who also wandered in! My bestie (in my own head only), Amy Lane
After a super *healthy* lunch (it has to be Mexican this close to the border), I went to the Author Lounge (because I love to chat). I hung with the talented and good-looking duo of Bru Baker and Brandon Witt.
Look at those cuties!
I then wandered into the Author Q&A with Lane Hayes, Jet Mykles, and Vanessa North. They got grilled on everything from cover design to favorite character, to their inspirations.

Vanessa talks with her hands!
My eagle-eye spotted one of my FAVORITE authors in the crowd, Eli Easton, so of course I rushed her after the Q&A with my fellow readers, Gigi and Dani!
We were soooo excited!
My next stop was another Author Q&A with Kaje Harper (another of my favorite authors!), K-lee Klein, and Jaime Samms.

Kaje talked about another book in the Hidden Wolves series, and they each talked about the challenges of audiobooks, and what kinds of books they would like to try writing in the future.

I left a little early so I could hear another one of my super-stars, Kim Fielding, do her Author Reading. She read from Astounding!, and she was awesome.

Love her!

Finally, at my last event of the day before the evening activities, I made my way into a STANDING ROOM ONLY Author Q&A with Charlie Cochet, Rhys Ford, and Lisa Henry.

I got some good gossip! Lisa Henry is almost finished with a Prescott novella, and she said there will be a THIRD book in the Dark Space series!! Charlie talked about more offshoot stories from the Thirds Series and more Mending Noel stories. Rhys said which character she identified most with (Miki), and how she mixes up her series to keep things interesting.

While on my way to get changed, I said hi to (aka, accosted) Jordan Castillo Price! She is so brilliant!
Another author who is my bestie in my head. 
After I got all Hawaiian-y for our luau Dinner with the Author,  I found myself at a table with the lovely K.C. Burn and Jordan Hawk! I got some awesome swag!

The rest of the night was... interesting. There was lots of luau costumes and dancing, and afterwards at the Juke Joint party, we werked it on the dance floor!
Brandon Witt looking totally normal. 
T.J. Klune is a master of the Hawiian dancing arts. 
Daniel Kaine is no amateur. 
I embraced the spirit as well!
Selfie time!
Catch you all tomorrow for my recap of day two of GRL!



  1. I'm so glad you're sharing this. Loved the pics and the news. Some of my favorite authors!

  2. Thank you for the post and all the pics! Looked like a great time.

  3. Your pictures capture all the energy and fun of the retreat, thank you for sharing them! I'm so glad I was able to be there and meet so many great people. : D

  4. Looks like you had a blast! :)

  5. It was so wonderful to meet you! <3

  6. Great pics Heather! Thanks for taking me along vicariously. Looks like it was a blast! :)


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