Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Book Review: Then Came Cal by Lee Barrows

Then Came Cal
Sean Hutchins is having the worst day of his life…

After losing what he thought was his dream job, Sean Hutchins walks away to suddenly find not only his professional life, but also his personal life, falling apart. Seeking comfort in his best friend, Cassie, the last person Sean expects to run into is Cassie’s big brother—and Sean’s long-time crush—Cal.

Cal is supposed to be on vacation visiting his baby sister, not babysitting her and her best friend, Sean. And he definitely is not supposed to be staring at Sean’s hot ass. But after spending some time with the guy, Cal finds himself with confusing feelings.

Should Cal act on his attraction? And can Sean find a way to put back together the broken pieces of his heart and his life?

Todd's rating:

At just under 100 pages, this fast-paced novella felt a bit rushed and didn't really do that much for me.

Sean was a recent Berkeley grad, who'd been working for 6 months at a Bay area publication, then loses his job, only to return home to find his sorta-kinda boyfriend up to his ass in a room full of naked men. In their bed.

Over the years, Sean had proven himself to be a bit of a damsel, but his BFF Cassie had always been there to help pick up the pieces, so this time is no different.

Well, except for the fact that Cassie's hot, older brother Cal, who is a bit of a non-committal man-whore, is visiting her from New York City.

I didn't really find the emotional connection between Sean and Cal all that convincing.

First, Sean begins the story with feelings for his sorta-kinda boyfriend, Paul, then they just seem to dissipate much more quickly than his fears (and tears) over being able to find another job.

Much like Cal's fear of involvement, to any degree at all after he gets his orgasm, and an intense phobia where commitment is concerned.

Then, like a candle in the wind, *poof*, all of that was blown away and there are feelings. Supposedly, at least, but I didn't find many convincing feels in the story myself.

If the story had added maybe another 50 or 60 pages to flush out the characters' feelings toward one another, I'm sure the romance would have felt more believable; however, as is, I was unconvinced.

For the story's steam level, there is a voyeuristic shower scene that would warm up most readers on a crisp fall day, along with two other sexy scenes; however, I this one still wouldn't really fall into the "steamy read" category for me.

The writing was good, but the pacing felt a bit more like marching orders to me. Move forward, move forward, move forward, we have a story to wrap up here, folks.

So this short read comes in at around 2.5 stars for me.

My copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.


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