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Audiobook ARC Review: Canning the Center by Tara Lain

Canning the Center (Long Pass Chronicles, #2)
From the blurb:
Six foot seven inch, 300 pound Jamal Jones loves football, so when he finds out the ultra-conservative owner of his new pro football team fired their current center because he’s gay, bisexual Jamal decides to stay in the closet and hang with the females. Then, at a small drag show, he comes face-to-face with his sexual fantasy in the form of Trixie LaRue, a drag queen so exquisitely convincing she scrambles Jamal’s hormones -- and his resolve to nurse his straight side. 
Trevor Landry, aka Trixie LaRue, hides more than his genitals. A mathematician so brilliant he can’t be measured, Trevor disguises his astronomical IQ and his quirk for women’s clothes behind his act as a gay activist undergrad at Southern California University. 
To Trevor, Jamal is the answer to a dream -- a man who can love and accept both his personas. When he discovers Jamal’s future is threatened if he’s seen with a guy, Trevor becomes Trixie to let Jamal pass as straight. But Trevor risks his position every time he puts on a dress. Is there a closet big enough to hold a football pro and a drag queen?  

Heather's rating:

So much to say about this one! I have to just start spewing things out before I forget!

I want to talk about the narration of the audiobook first because I think that that was key to my overall feeling/rating for the book. This was a very difficult book to narrate, both because of the range of voices required and how much they needed to differ in tone. John-Paul Barrel did a very nice job differentiating between voices. In fact, I was really impressed how he managed to go from the super deep voice of six foot seven inch, 300 pound Jamal Jones to the higher register of Trixie LaRue. This narrator tried soooo hard to get it right! I want to really applaud him on his effort.

However, though his range of voices was really good, I didn't really like his cadence. The narration was very choppy feelings with lots of pauses and hesitations. It didn't sound like normal conversation, more like someone trying to read a book, if that makes sense. I like when my audiobooks sound more fluid and less forced. I think I would listen to this narrator again, if only to see if the way he narrated was due to the difficulty of this particular book or if that is his style.

In terms of content, I partly loved the story, partly hated it. I love the theme of closeted jock and more femme guy, so based on that alone I was biased towards it. I liked how Jamal fell for Trixie and Trevor, and how supportive Jamal's family was. It was a sweet story, and I was rooting for all the MCs. I also didn't mind Jamal being in the closet because I really understood his POV.

But some of the parts of the story just irked me. I HATED the character of Lavinda, who was the typical EVIL (with horns!) female character. It was sooooo not what would happen in real life. Girl was legit insane, and I had no idea why anyone humored her.

I also HATE when author's use a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING as a plot point. Just NO. It is one of those things that makes me want to bash my head on a wall. That coupled with the "I'm breaking up with you because I know what's best for you/I don't want to communicate" is just the worst.

This book also had a lot of plot points that sort of trail off into nowhere's land. Some peter out, but others feel like ideas that the author just threw in there but didn't fully flesh out. Things like Trevor's family and Jamal's teammates could have used more depth.

Overall, I enjoyed this book but recognized its flaws.

But that cover tho... me likey.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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