Friday, October 30, 2015

ARC Review: Pathfinder by Gun Brooke

Pathfinder (Exodus, #2)

"Following the Advance team, the Exodus ship heads toward a new homeworld. Here they will build a future without the threat of mutated changers. Chief Engineer Adina Vantressa, responsbile for keeping the Exodus vessel operational, stays far away from her vast family. She doesn't trust them. Nurse Briar Lindemay shares a secret with her younger sister Caya, an unregistered changer whom Briar has unlawfully brought with her about Exodus.
Adina and Briar meet, and their attraction grows despite their attempts to stay apart. Briar fears that acting on her feelings will take her focus away from Caya. Adina's emotional scars hinder her, but she can't ignore how Briar makes her feel.
When disaster strikes and the only way to save the Exodus is to trust what the people aboard fear most, will the authorities listen? Or is the journey over and everything lost?"

Arielle's rating:

From the main characters, Adina and Briar, to the incredibly well developed plot, reading Pathfinder was an absolute delight. I have to say, though, at this point I've read a handful of lesbian romance novels and this was one of the best because that's not all it was.

Yes, there two protagonists are lesbians and yes, there are definitely some steamy scenes, but this book stands on its own as a sci-fi fantasy novel. The storyline - and the handful of subplots - are all rounded off and handled with care. The characters are charismatic and hey, the sex scenes aren't anything to ignore, either.

I'm for sure a sucker for this kind of book - futuristic, people with abilities, politics, culture clashes...and lady loving. Let's be honest, that's a big one.

Anybody who likes F/F novels should for sure give this a read. Honestly, anybody who likes post-apolcayptic spaceship books would love this, too.

Fine fun was had by all.

And thank you to NetGalley for advanced copy! And please note, no positive reviews were guaranteed for a copy of this book.

Publishing date: November 16, 2015.

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