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ARC Review: Loving Hector by John Inman

Loving Hector
From the blurb:
Dillard Brown has a mother who's determined he's straight, a writing career that’s going nowhere, and at thirty, he’s never been in love in his life. But thanks to a ten-pound ball of fluff and energy named Chester, one of Dill's circumstances is about to change. Maybe even all three.

Who would've thought one little stray dog could change Dill's world—and not by accident either. The damn dog has it planned. If not for Chester wandering into Dill's life and into his heart, Dill would never have met Hector Peña—and tumbled headlong into love at last!

But for all Chester's efforts, happiness for Dill and Hector is still not assured. Hector's evil ex, Valdemaro, is dead set on holding on—even if it means kidnapping Hector to keep him from Dill forever! Now Dill has to pull an army together to rescue Hector, and just where the hell is he supposed to find an army? Gads, if only Dill could write books this interesting!

Heather's rating:

John Inman! Gah! Again, you are SO CLOSE! I didn't know whether to 1 star this or 5 star it! I want to love you but you made it sooooo haaard!

This book had me completely split. I'll be a dear and talk about the positives first.

I've read multiple reviews of this book, and unlike some, I absolutely adored the side characters. No, I didn't find them to be too much, in fact, I'm sort of obsessed with Dill's insane, horny grandpa and all of his conquests. I loved, and I mean LOVED John Inman's humor in this story. The humor was just so on for me.

I also think that John Inman is an extremely talented writer. I didn't want to put the book down, and I think he has a nice flow to his stories. I liked his pacing and his style. It just works for me!

But the bad stuff... ugh!

To start, I read Loving Hector immediately after Shy and I was struck by the similarities. I think I'm starting to get a clear picture as to the author's own personal tastes, to be honest, because there is just so much in common between these two books. This author enjoys:

1) Dogs. Loves them.
2) Hairy men. Especially arms, legs, and butts.
3) Blow jobs. But I think all men agree here.
4) Instalove. (<---my biggest problem with with his stuff!) The instalove is so intense here that I almost DNFed. These guys fall in love and move in together after TWO DAYS, even after Hector said that he had trouble trusting others. Just NO.
5) Villainous bad guys. They are straight up from a movie, they are so stereotypical.

But this book had another thing that bugged me on top of all of that other stuff. Head hopping. Another thing that I hate! I'm talking paragraph to paragraph here. Just make it stop!

John Inman, don't you see that I'm trying to love you? Let me love you!

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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