Sunday, October 25, 2015

ARC Review: Clique (Heartsville) by Jayden Brooks

Adam Locke’s youthful looks aren’t the blessing everyone seems to think. At twenty-eight, he’s a successful photographer with his own studio and respected by his peers—but that doesn’t seem to matter to the men who catch his eye. Instead, he’s brushed aside like an underage twink with a daddy fetish.

When a hot, bearded stranger stops him from accidentally walking into traffic, Adam looks up and finds the man of his dreams. Unfortunately, his first meeting with Brandon ends with him being dismissed as a kid. Again. Adam can’t help his annoyance. He also can’t help staring (and drooling) whenever he spots Brandon walking through the neighborhood with a different dog.

He watches from afar, wondering about Brandon’s story—until the day he’s dared to take another chance. It’s just the push Adam needs, and finally, he catches Brandon’s interest. Now if only he could figure out the key to getting taciturn Brandon to open up and let Adam in. But Adam knows sometimes all it takes is a little patience for the last piece to click into place.

Dani's rating:

Adam & Brandon's story

This is a light-hearted story and a nice addition to the Heartsville series. I read this one after reading Piper Vaughn's Bookmarked because I liked Mark's best friend Adam in that book.

Adam is a photographer and a very good one at that. It's not his fault he looks barely old enough to drink.

Brandon, a dog-walker, thinks Adam is just a kid following him round the gayborhood, but Adam is all man and wants to lick Brandon all over.

I loved the opposites attract theme here. Brandon is gruff and standoffish, a man of few words, and Adam is kind of hyper and bubbly. The story is told from Adam's first-person POV, and his brain is an exhausting place to be.

I am decidedly not a fan of interrupted sex in stories; it always makes me think of a bad 80s sitcom. The first time this happened in Clique, I was mildly amused; the second time, not so much. This story needs more *ahem* completion.

The weird jealousy/separation thing also didn't work for me, and I never figured out why Brandon's mom disliked Adam so much.

But the tentative HEA is lovely and sweet. I'm glad Adam found his man (and his dog!).

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