Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ARC Review: Cat Games by Angora Shade

She was quiet - an introvert, a thinker. They called her Mouse. But beneath her veneer was a passionate hunger  and desire for those around her, and a longing to act out fantasies she didn't even know she had. After a brutal betrayal from a former lover, Mouse's journey toward sexual fulfillment begins with a justified revenge led by Rayne - a dominant and more knowledgeable goddess - where Mouse experiences her first female encounter and develops a taste for non-vanilla sex. Through Rayne's guidance, Mouse is pushed to take charge of her sexuality and learn what it is she truly desires, allowing her to transform from a shy, timid creature, to one with claws. Tables turn unexpectedly, and suddenly the pupil becomes the teacher. 

Arielle's Rating:

Last night, I read two books. The first was a 'best of' erotica compilation, and the second was this book. Both were essentially smut for smut's sake and hey, ain't nothing wrong with that.

However, while I found the first book troubling in it's lack of sexual, grammatical, and structural variety, Angora Shade's Cat Games was wonderful in all its diverse steaminess. Listen, there were a few solid (no pun intended) M/F scenes, and I STILL thought it was hot.

This book had a little bit of everything from M/F and F/F inclusion to 'virgin' corruption (the main character 'Mouse' isn't really a virgin, but is basically described as one as I'm sure you can tell by the nickname). There was a great group sex scene, which I found admirable in its feminism; the women in the scene did not exist solely for the men's pleasure, but rather each person found pleasure in everybody.

And speaking of pleasure, 'Mouses' relationship with Rayne was remarkably delicate in its submissive/dominant flair. The author clearly has an idea of what she's writing about - the patience in letting a submissive make the first move, the guidance given to her to become comfortable in new sexual experiences, and the shocking satisfaction when she realizes her own power and tries to top you. It was portrayed wonderfully and without judgement.

Best of all though, was the subtlety. This book was arguably much raunchier than many of the other books I've read, but there was no talk of 'lapping', 'juices', and other words too often used in F/F romance. Rather, the descriptions were nuanced and crafted with care, even when describing the most most wonderfully dirty acts.

So, 4.5 enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine fun, for all.

Note: I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return.

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