Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ARC Review: Another Shot (Heartsville) by J.H. Knight

The town of Heartsville means something different to everyone who lives there. For Aaron Forester, it’s a gay-friendly buffer between himself and the rest of the world. After being outed in high school and bullied to the point of violence, his family uprooted their lives and relocated to the small hamlet. He’s moved on from all that and now owns a popular cafĂ© in the bustling shopping district. But after twenty years of happy living, Aaron’s past creeps up on him in the most unexpected way.

Brad Collins only has one regret and he’s carried it with him since he was a teenager. When he moves to Heartsville and gets set up on a blind date with the most adorable, engaging man he’s met in a long time, he couldn’t be happier. But Brad didn’t expect the guy to be the person he outed in high school—who he’s now falling in love with.

Aaron and Brad hit it off instantly—in and out of the bedroom. But after a long overdue apology and a small serving of resentment, is their fledgling relationship worth another shot?

Dani's rating:

Aaron & Brad's story

Aaron is the easygoing coffee shop owner who has cameo appearances in a couple other books in this series. This is the fourth Heartsville book I've read, and it put a big smile on my face.

When Aaron agrees to go on a blind date arranged by his pesky sister, he doesn't expect to meet a guy who pushes all his buttons and then some.

Brad is mature, engaging, and fun. He and Aaron hit it off right away, and the good times commence: pizza dates, pumpkin carving, ferris wheel kisses. No wonder Aaron is smitten.

Ah, but therein lies the rub. Brad ditches Aaron the morning after their first sleepover and then appears a few days later to confess that two decades prior he took a picture of Aaron kissing another boy, which led to Aaron getting bullied.

Despite Brad's revelation, this is very much a feel-good story. Aaron and Brad are ridiculously adorable together. I loved their snappy conversations and the clear adoration they showed one another. There's one sexy scene but many kisses.

Aaron's sister is an awesome secondary character. She pushes Aaron to give Brad another chance. Smart girl, that one.

I really enjoy Knight's writing style, and even though this book is from Aaron's third-person POV, I felt both MCs were fairly well developed. (None of the stories have a dual POV, which is understandable, as it's rather difficult to develop two distinct voices in approximately 1,200 locations.)

This is one of my favorites in this series! I was glad to see these guys get a strong HFN.

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