Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ARC Review: Another Shot by Riley Long

Another Shot
When Ben discovers "the one who got away" working at a strip club, he decides to take a chance on letting Ian back into his life.

Ben has a decent life - a boyfriend, a good job, and a supportive best friend. He's shaken up when his boyfriend leaves him without warning and to make matters worse it's just before Ben's thirtieth birthday. His best friend takes him to a strip club to get his mind off the break-up. While they're there, they spot one of Ben's exes. The ex who Ben still has feelings for, but Ben had thought Ian had moved far away. It turns out Ian is still interested in Ben, and sorry for his mistakes. Can Ben let go of past hurt and give this relationship another shot?

Todd's rating:

I truly enjoyed this short 53-page story about 'the one that got away' re-entering your life again, when and where you least expect it.

Ben's boring boyfriend of 6 months breaks up with him for being "too wild" on the eve of Ben's thirtieth birthday, leaving him in a funk, so his BFF, Sarah, takes him to a 'Magic Mike' type of male strip club to cheer him up.

Anywhooo, the last act of the evening was a cowboy named 'Lance'; however, Lance isn't just a stripper. He's also Ben's ex-boyfriend, Ian.

The story of them reconnecting, explaining why their 2-year relationship ended, then Ben deciding to give Ian another chance was a lot of fun.

There were humorous bits, pretty hot, sexy bits and touching bits, all of which were a lot of fun to read.

(Especially the sexy bits.) ;- )

Yes, I know that the story is only 53 pages, but a one page epilogue to cement their HEA would've been the cherry on the top for this entertaining little tale of a second bite at the apple. Just sayin'.

4 *let-them-eat-cake* stars this time around.


"Male Revue" Mini-Rant:

I found the male strip club scenario a little unrealistic, because, at least in my own (extensive) experience in the US, Canada *and* Mexico, those types of female-centric 'male revue' strip clubs, like the book describes, NEVER allow men in. Ever. Fucking bastards.

A gay male presence would evidently make the hetero 'dick dancers' way too nervous and could be a possible distraction for all of the (many, many MANY) bachelorette party-attending women. *sigh*

Sorry, but if there are feathered boas at a male 'strip club', then chances are that you're *not* at a true gay male strip club.

Those can be some hot, dirty, wicked fun. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience here. ;- )


My ARC copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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