Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Book Review: Victim of Love by Darien Cox

Young lab scientist Olsen Westergard has worked long and hard to create order and stability in his life, and believes he’s finally content. But when he goes on a summer holiday trip with his friends, they try to rouse him from his customary caution, urging him to remedy his extended sexual dry spell. Their fumbled efforts to hook him up validate Olsen’s guess that he likely won’t meet the type of guy he’s looking for on this trip. Or rather, the type of guy he thinks he’s looking for.

But when a solo late night beach walk leads to a heated encounter with a drunken stranger, Olsen unexpectedly finds himself overwhelmed with turbulent desires—made worse when he later discovers the stranger’s surprising identity, and that ready or not, they’re about to get to know each other a whole lot better.

Dani's rating:

Olsen's last name is Westergard? The hell, you say? The entire book I kept wondering if Olsen was his first or last name. But that's not important.

What matters is that this story is incredibly sexy. So much dirty sex, a mire of despair and anger and pure passion. Licking. Pretending. Kissing.

Intense head games, but with a PURPOSE.

Olsen is a pushover. And Beck is insanely fucked up and emotionally crippled. But when I got to Beck's "confession," which undeniably came late in the game, I understood. Mostly.

I still think Beck treated Olsen poorly. But Olsen LET him. Because it was only ever Beck for Olsen, not some cute nerd named Evan, no matter how much Olsen tried.

Sometimes you meet the love of your life when he steals your phone and makes you run up a sandy hill. Then he kisses you senseless. And denies knowing you in the morning.

Sometimes he's your friend's brother who buys morbid antique "junk." Sometimes he's volatile. And secretive. And seemingly all wrong for you.


This book is frustrating. And real. It has an awesome cast of secondary characters, and a fairly solid HEA with a pretty awesome coming-out scene.

As Olsen says, it was all "very Officer and a Gentleman."

And that's worth swooning about.

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