Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book Review: In Memoriam by Cari Z.

In MemoriamBlurb:

Lee Summers is past expecting to find love. He has a fulfilling career and a few human connections, and he's determined to be happy with those. When he meets Felix Clymenos during a vacation in Colorado, he doesn’t expect to feel so passionate about him. Felix is intriguing, but when he starts to feature in Lee's dreams—and his slowly strengthening nightmares—Lee wonders if it wouldn’t be a better idea to walk away. There's a mystery behind Felix's affections and somehow Lee feels like he’s known Felix his whole life. Before they can be happy together, Lee has to know why that is... and what that means for their future.

Todd’s rating:

This one clocked in at about 'fine' for me, mainly because the story felt a bit schizophrenic.

We we're in Colorado and the MC was minding his own business, then his chicken on a stick gets nabbed by a dog, whose owner apologizes and takes Lee to dinner to make it up to him.

The story went on the same path, with Lee falling in love with Felix, which I was enjoying, then it turned into 'past lives', crazy poisoning mothers and gets all 'gender bendy', after which my enjoyment decreased significantly.

The whole Hades and "My queen" bits just didn't really work that well for me, so I'd have to say this one rated around 2.5 stars for me overall.


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