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Book Review: Dual Affairs (Twin Ties #2) by Lynn Kelling

Dual Affairs (Twin Ties #2)Blurb:
All Evan Savage wanted was a quiet night at the bar, waiting for his boyfriend to finish his shift; what he gets instead is a nightmare. Things were complex enough when his biggest problem was the tangled sex life he and his brother Brennan share with twin lovers Alek and Luka. When a selfless act ending in terrible violence lands Evan in the hospital, Brennan and Evan's father returns to loom over their lives, asking questions none of the four want to answer.

The young men’s relationships to each other begin to unravel as carefully drawn boundary lines are blurred and crossed. The four must question the nature of their commitments to each other, what they each want, and what to say to those relentlessly demanding the truth. When the most dangerous thing you can do is admit to who you love, and jealousy is a luxury you can no longer afford, brutal honesty is the only remaining key to salvation...

...or damnation.
Todd’s rating:

Book 2 of this series was really frustrating for me, so if this review is a bit spoilerish, please forgive, but, in my opinion, you should really know where this book/series is going before you continue throwing down the cash.

As the book begins, Evan was at the rough dive bar where Alek works and attempted to come to the rescue of a young man, only to get critically stabbed for his efforts.

Then after months of recovery, Evan's boyfriend, Alek and his brother, Brennan still have him (proverbially) covered in bubble wrap and put up on a shelf, refusing to touch him in any way, out of fear of reinjuring him.

But Alek's brother, Luka, saw Evan's extreme frustration and loneliness, but when trying to comfort him, the two end up having sex, which hurts both Alek and Brennan. Then out of hurt, attraction and a bit of retaliation, Alek and Brennan ended up cheating with one another on Evan and Luka. An eye for an eye, right?

Christ, one incident of cheating was bad enough, but pretty much everyone was cheating on everyone else, which annoyed the hell out of me. I really wanted to DNF this one so hard, but didn't.

Another thing that really annoyed the fuck out of me was how Evan and Brennan's dad, Charlie, was 'supposedly' so repentant about not really being there for Evan and Brennan while growing up, then Evan gets stabbed, STABBED, PEOPLE!, but it takes their "DAD" *several* months to get time off work to visit Evan to make sure that he's okay.

What. The. Ever-Lovin'. FUCK??? If my kid even got a broken bone, screw my boss if told me that I couldn't get time off to go see my kid. Did his company not have an HR department where he could complain? This made zero damn sense to me and, again, pissed me off.

The rest of the story mainly gets the boys to the point where everyone can fuck anyone, with consent, whenever they want, as long as the 'fuckers' either ask permission from the 'non-fuckers' first or told the 'non-fuckers' about it immediately afterwards.

Also, the story was heavy on the sex, but *lite* on the use of lube. SERIOUSLY??? Boys do not self-moisturize like women just because you're that hot, so note to female writers: NO, spit is *not* enough and such an experience is rarely pleasurable for *either* party.

And the last thing (that I can remember right now) that got on my last queer nerve was how the book was seriously written like the older Popovic twins treated the younger twins like children. They're your boyfriends, not your kids, so cut that shit out. It's demeaning, creepy and annoying as hell, so stop.

Sorry to be so spoilerish, but I don't want anyone relying on my honest opinion to buy a book that they'll DNF due to the plot points with which I myself had serious issues.

So 3 *pulling-my-damn-hair-out* stars for this second installment in the series.

My copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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