Sunday, September 6, 2015

Book Review: Dangerous (Finn Factor 3) by R.G. Alexander

Brady Finn has been a cop and a Marine, but he’s never been in a situation as dangerous as this one. Waking up naked in the bed of a man he’s wanted for months—with no memory of how he got there—was only the beginning.

Rope Dom Ken Tanaka knows kink isn’t Brady’s scene, but he still can’t resist the tall, redheaded Boy Scout. When their search for a missing person requires Brady to go above and beyond the call of duty, they’ll both do what needs to be done for the mission—and give in to the undeniable passion between them.

Will their explosive chemistry last once the job is over? Or will taking that chance be more dangerous than either man is willing to risk?

Dani's rating:

This one is stupidly hot.

What irked me:

- Ken's last name was overused. It's all, Tanaka this and Tanaka that. We get it. He's half-Japanese. Let's move on. This called for a drinking game.

- If you don't read book 2 (which is M/F), you miss some background information about the two MCs. Not cool. If you're going to mix genres, each book should be a standalone. Many M/M readers don't want to read M/F.

- Too many secondary characters. I don't care about all the Finns.

- Unnecessarily overdone (and yet slightly nonsensical) mystery/suspense plot that bored me to tears.

- Ken supposedly being a Dom but acting like a sub. Just because Ken is good at rope play doesn't make him a Dom. He's all bossy bottom. I wish the rope play had been integrated more and not randomly dropped in at the end.

What I liked:

- Ken Tanaka and Brady Finn are ridiculously sexy together.

- Ken's masturbation scene in the shower. With a dildo. GAWD.

- The SEX.

- The sex.

- Also. The sex.

- Bonus story about Owen and Jeremy: fun and hot, hot, hot, with an injection of sweetness and a sparkly HEA.

Owen and Jeremy get 4 stars.

The sex gets 4+ stars.

This plot and pairing get 2 stars.

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