Monday, August 3, 2015

Book Review: Two Night Stand by Ellis Carrington

Two Night StandBlurb:
Two guys meet outside of a small town girlie bar. Both of them would rather be anywhere else.

Gabe needs a sober ride home without his douchey ex bringing him down. Lincoln needs to put the mistakes that brought him to Hollow Forge behind him for good. A simple lift back to campus turns into one night together that leaves them both wanting more. One night becomes two, but soon their pasts are knocking at the door and the clock is running out on their weekend.

Todd’s rating:

I've had "Two Night Stand" forever, but never put it at the top of my reading list until now and I'm glad that I finally did.

This *FREE* short story was a low-angst delight about two young guys who've been burned in previous relationships.

As the story begins, I pretty much had decided that business student Gabe was a very special kind of stupid. And quite possibly a bit of a masochist to boot.

You see, Gabe is a big ole' mo, but agrees to celebrate his 21st birthday at a titty bar. With his ex-boyfriend. But that's not all, folks. He's also spending it with the ex's *girlfriend*.

Imagine my surprise when we find out that Gabe is *not* having the time of his life. I know, shocking, right? (Not so much.)

Anyway, after being force-fed test tube shots sandwiched between large, female breasts, Gabe is pretty drunk and plenty pissed.

Angry at both his ex, Brendan, for dragging him into the God-awful experience and at himself for agreeing to sit and watch his ex fawn all over his new girly-beard.

To quote T.J. Klune's latest book, "Yaaaay." *slow-clap*

So Gabe pops out for some fresh air before ditching the two love birds and grabbing a taxi home, only to be rescued by a sexy good Samaritan, in the form of a 25 y.o. ex-cop named Lincoln, who offers our loveable Gabe a ride home.

But the lift turns into hot as hell mutual hand jobs on Lincoln's couch and steaming pancakes the following morning.

And as both initially-hesitant young men get to know one another and continue to click, neither really wants their time together to end, which leads them to spend "the morning after" together at a local farmers market checking out fresh produce. And one another. Again.

This leads them to a second night together, plus a bit of drama from Gabe's ex, that Lincoln more than willingly helps quash. "Yaaaaay!!!* *fast-clap* ;- )

But will a second night together be enough for our once bitten, twice shy heroes?

Read the book to find out, but I found this short story to be an absolute joy with a surprising number of (subdued) feels for so few pages.

My only real niggle was the final sex scene. Because, after stopping at the pharmacy for supplies, it was entirely skipped, which made me flip back and forth a few times to see if the pages on my eReader were stuck together or something.

Nope, arrived home, fast forward, woke up with the sun. And I was soooo looking forward to their first real time. *sigh*

But it was still a good read, which I highly recommend, especially because it's free, so I'm giving this one 4.25 *you're-stuck-with-me-now---your-bad* stars for this very enjoyable story.
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