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Book Review: No Straight Boys by Cecil Wilde

No Straight BoysBlurb:
Not dating straight boys is a pretty good strategy for long-term relationships if you're a gay man, but what happens when one particular straight boy turns out to be the man of your dreams?

Cute, funny, and sometimes borderline philosophical, No Straight Boys is about what happens when perfection isn't what you think it is, and love is best found via late-night text message.

Todd’s rating:

I absolutely adored this short story of two lonely men finding one another.

At 32, Jace is an out and proud, semi-jaded writer of inspirational self-help books, who doesn't really believe his own written word. He's also been burned by what he thought was love quite a few times in the past.

At 26, Ethan is the hot, younger, 'not quite straight' neighbor who's been crushing on Jace for the past 6 months, until he seduces Jace for one night together.

But that isn't enough for Ethan, so he puts on his big boy britches and asks Jace out on a date.
“You don’t want to go on a date with me. You want to fuck me again.”

“I’m not…I think I’m pretty clearly not straight,”
Ethan defended.

“Listen, it’s not that you’re not the cutest little puppy ever, and I’m sure you’ve got a lot to give. But you’re not ready to be out. And I’m not doing closet cases anymore. Especially closet cases who have a total of one tally mark in the homo column. Especially when that mark has my name next to it.”
So instead of a date, Ethan gets put on mail duty for Jace's month-long inspirational book tour, during which time the guys begin to text one another late into the night. Sometimes with alcohol involved, so the texting got pretty real, pretty quickly.

I loved how Jace got to know more about Ethan through those texts, as it was low-pressure and allowed Ethan to slowly worm his way into Jace's life. And his reluctant heart.

Until dumbass Jace meets Mike on his tour and brings him home. I swear, my stomach dropped when Jace told the love-struck Ethan, "I met someone."

It was awful, then I was fucking pissed at Jace for being such a complete moron. *spitting-nails*

There wasn't a lot of angst in the book, but what was there involved "the perfect guy" turning into a complete shitheel of a user.

But there were a lot of feels, which for me mostly came from the too young, 'straight' guy turning into that previously sought after "perfect guy" for Jace.

My only two niggles about this short read were that:
-- Jace could be a bit of a Damsel in Distress. Dude, seriously, you're 32. Stop clutching your pearls and take care of your own shit.

-- While full of cuddles, gentle touches and shared intimacy (which I LOVED), the sex scenes weren't very descriptive or very long. I have a fairly active imagination, but come on, help a brother out here, okay? ;- )
The company picnic scene is guaranteed to make you smile, as Ethan wanted to show Jace that he *was* in fact man enough to be out for Jace, with no hesitation or fears, as we normally see from most closeted MC's.

The boys do get their HEA and the epilogue even ups the stakes a notch with last year's trendy plot point of their impending small gay wedding.

But it wasn't Disney OTT or anything, so that was fine by me, as I can't really throw many rocks from my own recently 'gay married' glass house on that one. ;- )

So I'm giving a well-deserved 4.25 *I-love-you-too-Buy-milk* stars for this short, heart-felt, feel-good read.

This was my copy of the book and was not provided by the publisher.

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