Monday, August 10, 2015

Book Review: Must Love Dogs by K. Lynn

Must Love DogsBlurb:
Since a mugging a year ago, Ben’s lived with blindness. Despite an art career on hold and a deadbeat boyfriend who left him because of his disability, he's finally getting his life back on track. Ben is gaining a new sense of independence thanks to his guide dog, Colt.

But Ben’s carefully balanced life is thrown into chaos when veterinarian Dr. Jay Connor hits Colt with his car. While Colt is on the mend and recovering nicely, Ben finds that Jay is not only fond of Colt, but also quite interested in Ben.

However, one overheard conversation might put a stop to their romance before it can grow into something more. Maybe Ben’s destined to go it alone in the dark. Or can Jay help him see there’s still a chance for happily ever after?

Todd’s rating:

I didn't really connect with this one very well.

The story was 'nice', both MC's were 'nice,' the service dog was 'nice,' most of the secondary characters were 'nice,' but that was about all that I got out of the short story.

Visually-impaired Ben endangers both himself and his service dog, Colt, when trying to rush home and escape his feelings of paranoia during an evening walk home, resulting in the dog being hit by a car.

The driver, Jay, is a veterinarian (of course,) so he takes Ben and Colt to his clinic to check out the dog for injuries, then begins to court a very reluctant Ben.

But Jay is too 'nice' (and persistent) for Ben's walls to stay completely up for long, so they begin seeing one another.

They share some pleasant dates, with things going very well, then Ben overhears a conversation about Jay having a thing for charity cases, so he flees and closes down.

Ben finally comes to his senses, talks to Jay, clearing up what was overheard, then they decide to give it a go. The end.

Like I said, the short story was 'nice,' but not overly exciting, so this one rates 3 *nice-but-a-bit-rushed* stars for me.

My copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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