Saturday, August 8, 2015

ARC Review: All Man by Jay Northcote

From the moment Gareth walks through the door of the salon to fit some new sinks, Jules can’t take his eyes off him. Jules has always been attracted to men who are his polar opposite, so burly Gareth is Jules’s fantasy man.

At the weekend, Jules gets into a tough situation with another bloke in a gay club and Gareth comes to his aid. Gareth rejects Jules’s subsequent advances but leaves him with the hope that his attraction isn’t completely one-sided. Fantasy could become reality.

With Gareth’s work at the salon nearly done, he’ll soon disappear from Jules’s life for good. Time is running out. Jules needs to prove to Gareth that he’s tougher than he looks and that his feelings run deeper than gratitude.

Dani's rating:

You know what I didn't like about this story?

It ended.

And just when it was getting juicy too.

I love slight, pretty boys. And I love big burly bears. What's better than a twink and bear together?


We first met Jules in Top Me Maybe? He is the snarky, snappy hair stylist who works with Ty. Even though you SHOULD read Top Me Maybe? because it's awesome, All Man works fine as a standalone.

Jules meets Gareth, a hairy, built (with just the right amount of padding for cuddling) plumber, when Gareth spends a few days working at the salon. Jules cannot control his cock when Gareth is around, but Gareth seems ... uncertain.

Then Gareth rescues Jules from a potentially scary situation, and Jules falls just a bit more in crush.

This story is a bit of fluffy, flirty fun. It's very sweet, a little sexy, and entirely entertaining.

I heart Jules & Gareth. The "can we be boyfriends?" talk was my favorite. Two guys who communicate. Imagine that!

There's really never a dull moment in Northcote's stories. It's why I'm such a big fan.

Now let's all take a moment to appreciate the beautiful guy on the cover. All man indeed!

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