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Book Review: Two Man Team (Team #2) by Jet Mykles

Two Man Team (Team, #2)Blurb:
Others might be fooled into thinking Davey is just a computer nerd, but Jason knows better. He knows his geeky best friend is wicked to the core. So, he shouldn't be surprised when Davey lures him into a threesome on the night of their friends' wedding. Two guys and one girl turns out to be a pretty terrific thing, especially when watching Davey have sex is almost as hot as knowing Davey is watching him. And the girl doesn't seem to mind either.
One threesome leads to more, but then something changes. Now, when Davey touches him, it's a whole new ballgame. Jason likes it...a lot...and he likes it even more when they try sex without the girl. Who knew? But Jason's troubles are just beginning. He sees new-found depths in their friendship. Depths he's willing to explore. Too bad Davey doesn't feel the same. The past has taught Davey that happily ever after doesn't exist and Jason is afraid he'll never be able to change Davey's mind.
Will Jason be able to convince his stubborn friend that they can forge a two man team?

Todd’s rating:

Okay, the last seal preventing The Apocalypse has officially be broken.

This is *ME* recommending an MMF book
, girl parts and all.

Stop laughing, bitches, I'm even more shocked than you are, TRUST, but there it is.

When I first saw the blurb for this one, my mind went nearly to the exact same place that it did when I read the blurb for Jay Nortcote's "Helping Hand".

In other words, my brain started bleeding with thoughts of, "God, how hot does that sound?"

Sooooo, 3 or 4 days later, I broke down, got the book and was not disappointed.

Okay, for the "lady bits", one of the two women who put the F in MFM here was written pretty much one dick shy of being a dude. Sorta. That was a huge plus in me not getting so squicked out that I stopped reading all together.

Not only was the story well-written, but sweet merciful crap, the sexy bits were so smoking hot, they nearly peeled the paint off my eReader. *shivers*

Plus, the fact that Jason and Davey weren't in the least bit homophobic was great.

There wasn't a ton of angst in the "Oh. My. God. I might be motherfucking gay!" department, only time needed to adjust to the change in their best friends status to include 'more.'

While I loved the sweet and endearing Jason, it was Davey that stole my heart in this book.

Davey was like that one friend we've all had at some point whose mouth was no holds barred and was always up for anything. ANY. THING.
Bungee jumping? Sure!

NAKED bungee jumping? Why the fuck not! Let's git 'er done!!!
Davey's in-your-face snark and lack of any type of verbal filter was crazy, mad fun to witness.

This book was perfectly fine as a standalone, although Jason and Davey, plus their friends, were originally introduced in book 1, which was an MMMMF book with zero guy-on-guy action.

While I won't be going back and reading the first book, this one was damn near perfect, starting out as a "Dude, I can't believe we're doing this" story, with a girl in the middle, to a full on MM gay for you with feels.

So 4.5 highly-recommended *you-want-us-to-do-WHAT?* stars for this very enjoyable read.

This was my copy of the book and not provided by the publisher.

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